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  1. I interviewed the 26th of September and heard back the 5th of October that I was accepted and was able to pay the deposit 4 days later. :) I picked the program because of the atmosphere of the campus, everyone was very nice, they have great outcomes for their students and it was close to home. The fact that they have just Heath related majors there sets a certain feel in campus, you can see people practicing around campus which is nice. :)
  2. Yep! I received the email Friday and paid the deposit today!
  3. I had my interview the 26th and just heard today that I got in!! So excited for next year! :)
  4. I was verified June 27 and heard from them August 4th regarding the interview.
  5. Just got an interview invite! I have mine September 26th! So excited!
  6. GPA: 3.7 sGPA:3.6 Hours of experience: 3500 GRE: q 150, v 154, 3.5 I would have applied earlier on in the cycle and scheduled my interview earlier. I already submitted my application and hope to pick one if the first interview slots available. You have a better chance the earlier you apply.
  7. I haven't heard anything yet. Not sure when their last interview date is. Hopefully by the end of the month!
  8. Does anyone know how many people were taken off the wait list in previous years? Just curious. Thanks!!
  9. I called them and they informed me that they don't have a tentative standing to give and we will have to wait until February/ March when the interviews are done.
  10. Does anyone know when we will be hearing back about our position on the wait list?
  11. I was in the last interview and hey spoke about finalizing everything by two weeks from them, so hopefully around the first of the year there should be some movement!
  12. Anyone know how many spots they have left or are they just filling the wait list?
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