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  1. This is good advice!! I filled my out last week. Definitely don't wait.
  2. Hey everyone! Sorry, I just got married in May so I didn't realize there we're so many of me! Haha Jenna Leigh Hisey Bumgardner (long and rediculous name, lol)
  3. My name is Jenna Bumgardner on facebook, ya'll add me and send me a message saying you're in OLOL pa school and ill add you to the group :) I went ahead and made the group private so you'll have to message me to be accepted. I didn't want just anyone trying to be adding themselves to the group. This is just an attempt to make a page for us all to connect so later we can make an official one if everyone wants to!
  4. Ok! I'll create it tonight/tomorrow and post it when i do :) I'm excited to meet you all and make some friends!
  5. Areas close to OLOL (around 2 mile radius) are good, safe places to live. Anything off of perkins will be expensive but also nice. Ive lived in BR for a long time so if you need to know about safety in an area, I'll do my best to help! Anyone got their packets with info yet? I wonder if itll be mail or email?
  6. Is there a facebook page? Or should we create one?
  7. Awesome! Did they give you a more precise date as to when we should expect an answer? Also, how many people interviewed with you today? Thanks!
  8. Also, they said to expect an email rather than a letter in the mail.
  9. Hey! The questions are what you would expect, some hard and some more fun and easy to answer. No test or essays this year, very fun group of students to chat with and lots of information about the professors/dean/name change/ etc. Just be yourself! Should know acceptance/rejection/waitlist by the middle to end of October. Anyone that interviewed on October 4th want to tell us how it went and how many people were in your group? Thanks! Good luck to all!
  10. Does anyone know how many people they interview and how big the waitlist is?
  11. The interview was laid back and the staff was awesome. Very nice and extremely cool first year class that answered tons of questions. Good luck to all!
  12. I have an interview scheduled for November 7th and I was notified today by email! Good luck to all
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