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  1. The best advice I can offer you as a current student is to go where you think you'll be the happiest. This is the next 2-3 years of your life, and you'll be spending 90% of your time in class, at events with your class, hanging out with your class. Which school did you get a better vibe from? Where do you think you'll fit in more? Will you be relying on your support group back home during this process, and how will that affect you if you were to be far away from them? Ultimately, school is what YOU make of it. If you decide to go to Stanford but you are missing your family/friends back home, or don't enjoy California or the Stanford environment, you won't be able to take advantage of the resources to the fullest and you won't be happy. If you go to your local school but having all these resources is really important to you, then you might feel unfulfilled in your education. Ultimately it's hard for someone else to tell you what the better decision is, but it's what fits best for you! Good luck with your choice, I'm sure whatever you decide on, you will do great!
  2. This upcoming Friday and Saturday will be our final interview session.
  3. I think on my interview invite last year they told us to dress business professional both days. I would do it just to be safe, you can't be over-dressed but you definitely can be under-dressed. I just wore a different shirt under my blazer for each day. If anything you can just take your suit jacket off inside!
  4. Hi! We're planning on putting student testimonials on our website so you can hear from most of us on what we think about the program but it won't be ready for a little bit longer and I didn't want to leave you hanging. So here's some of my thoughts: Being a part of Stanford School of Medicine is probably my favorite part of going to Stanford. There are SO many resources available through the medical school. There's interest groups for almost every main specialty, and they put on events that you can attend to meet people who work in the field (potential shadowing opportunities), to ask question, to learn more, etc. You have opportunities to take amazing elective classes (many surgical skills classes that are super cool), there are lunch seminars pretty much every day of the week for different specialty topics where speakers come and talk to you about what they do and cool cases they work on. There's even free yoga classes and weekly (free) happy hours. Sorry for the stream of consciousness, but hopefully that gives you an idea! If you have any specific questions let me know, but as I mentioned before there's also an opportunity for those of you with interviews to ask students questions when you come!
  5. Hi everyone! I am a current student with the Stanford MSPA program. I just wanted to pop in real quick since I know you guys probably have a lot of questions. For those who have received an interview invite, congrats! As you've no doubt seen, the interview will be over 2 days. The first day will be more informational, and will end with a dinner where you get to meet us students and can ask us more questions then! Then the second day will be your actual interview. If you have interview-specific questions, I would probably hold off until you see us on Friday. I also saw that some of you are talking about the significant tuition increase from the PCAP program to the current MSPA program. This is not due to any belief that our program is "more worthy". The PCAP program was through Foothill Community College, so tuition was set by them. The MSPA program is through Stanford School of Medicine, so we pay graduate student tuition. I know it's very expensive, but please don't let that be the deciding factor! As you'll hopefully get a feel for at the interview, being a part of Stanford School of Medicine has significant benefits. Excited to meet you all at your interview! Good luck!
  6. Woo congrats! Denise and I made a FB group for those of us who were accepted and are planning on attending! :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/1765803703743549/ Everyone else who received acceptance calls, please join as well!!
  7. Adding to what Denise said, I was the part of the group that interviewed when it was raining. If you're not from California, the rain here is pretty on and off. We were able to go out when it was barely sprinkling. No one had umbrellas but it was pretty cold so bring a jacket. I would bring an umbrella just in case because it is supposed to rain this weekend. Good luck!
  8. Received my acceptance call yesterday morning! Super impressed by this program and its potential. Excited to meet everyone, and good luck to everyone still interviewing!
  9. I didn't receive thie GRE email. My unofficial scores are on CASPA since other schools required them, and I also sent my official scores to the school. My scores are on the high end percentile-wise.
  10. I just received my confirmation! Scheduled for Jan 6-7. Hopefuly I'll be seeing some of you there! Really excited to learn more about this program :)
  11. Some of the walking tour will be outdoors when you go from building to building. It's very minimal though.
  12. I received my interview invite last night as well! Since Stanford's app opened so late, I applied almost right when it opened since I already had most everything ready. I'd say my GRE is fairly high in the percentiles, but I don't think that would be a deciding factor for Stanford. And yes, you get to pick your interview date. They offered 3 dates in January as stated above, all Friday-Saturday (2 day interview). But I'm sure they will continue to offer interviews until March since that's what it says online! I'm sure they just wanted to fill the earlier dates.
  13. Got the phone call earlier today from Kevin that I've been accepted!! Interviewed 11/4. I'm ecstatic, Northwestern really impressed me!
  14. I just withdrew from my interview here scheduled for 12/12, so hopefully someone else can pick up that spot!
  15. Just withdrew from my scheduled interview here, hopefully this spot will be given to someone else!
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