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  1. Those of you who have interviews scheduled and feel brave enough to inquire, you should ask what they are doing to obtain new rotation sites to replace the ones they have lost, and also how they plan on stopping the ongoing loss of sites.
  2. Hey class of 2017, how are those clinicals working out for you? A word to those who will be starting in May 2017, as soon as possible you should remove Renee from your class' facebook page, or create your own class page. She's rather sneaky and I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her.
  3. Then I guess clinical year will be a big eye opener for you. I know it was the turning point for a majority of my classmates. Good luck in your endeavors.
  4. I'm beginning to think mmarie93 is a member of the staff/faculty.
  5. The program and academic director are going to assist the clinical coordinators in improving the process more. This is excellent news if true. They stated that almost all the issues stem from preceptors not completing paperwork on time or responding to emails, especially during the summer when rotations are finalized - because they are all on vacation. This is 100% incorrect, but would you really expect the school to admit fault? True, there were some slow poke preceptors out there, but when a student puts in a request in January for a June rotation, you can't blame the preceptor when the clinical team procrastinates for 5 months. That is only one example of dozens. As long as those two individuals are in charge of it, it will continue to be a hot mess. I guess you and your classmates will soon find out for yourselves that the clinical team is the weak point in the program, and maybe when you tell the class below you how awful it was they will believe you. Then again they might do as you are doing and chalk it up to a handful of bitter people complaining because they didn't always get their way. That is the same mistake our class made when 2015 tried to warn us. The faculty told us that the class of 2015 was negative and full of problem children, and to ignore everything they were telling us. They also flattered our class by saying we were the best class to come along in years. Many of us believed them and were still optimistic at the end of the didactic portion, but from the very first rotation all the way to the final one, the clinical team has continued to drop the ball, lie to our faces, arbitrarily enforce rules for some people and ignore them for others, and lose preceptors and clinical sites.
  6. lb1477, the comments from alumni have nothing to do with FGCU's opening. The timing has more to do with our recent graduation. Now we don't have to fear reprisals from the faculty. Like I mentioned in my original post, the didactic portion of the program is likely to improve now that Professor Bareja has become the Academic Director, but the clinical portion is continuing to have serious problems. I do not see how the school's reputation in the community will improve as long as the current clinical team remains in place, and that bad reputation has cost the school rotation sites. For example, there are no Emergency Medicine rotations available in any of the Lee Health System locations (unless you happen to have a personal connection with a provider there), which happens to have a monopoly in the Fort Myers area. This didn't use to be the case, and we lost those sites as a direct result of the actions/inactions of the clinical team. If Nova Fort Myers is the only school that you get accepted to, then you should accept. You WILL become a PA if you can make it through your 15 months of didactic, but it is going to be a frustrating experience for you and I honestly do not know where they will get their clinical rotations from. Perhaps Fort Myers students will end up doing more rotations in the Orlando and Main Campus regions. God only knows.
  7. This campus has a new academic director after having that position be vacant for over a year, so things might improve in the didactic portion of the program. If I’m being extremely optimistic I’d say they will be able to build up their faculty with quality professors, which will help offset the poor quality of education you will receive from the old guard, whose names I shall not mention. However, during my tenure there they overworked the good professors and eventually drove them away. The administration has been resistant to anything new and innovative, and seems to be content to let the old guard haul out their outdated slides and ramble on during lectures. I kid you not, one of the professors would use the first 10 minutes of class telling Bible stories. Let’s hope the new academic director puts a stop to all that nonsense and begins requiring a certain level of competency from the professors. Even if the didactic portion improves this does nothing to better the clinical department. The school has a bad reputation in the community specifically because of the clinical team. There have been providers who say they have contacted the school to see about taking students and the school never contacted them back. Some of the ones who have gotten in touch with the school have used the words “incompetent” and “unprofessional” to describe the clinical team. This is why they are losing rotations. Multiple students who submitted out of state rotation requests several months in advance were unable to do those rotations because the clinical team waited until the last moment to begin the paperwork. If you dare ask about the status of your request you would be outright lied to and/or snapped at. You have to be careful, because asking questions can land you in front of the committee on student progress. Once FGCU opens there will be fierce competition for rotation sites. FGCU’s program director is well liked and respected in the medical community, so I cannot imagine how Nova Fort Myers will be able to compete. I would seriously consider going elsewhere if you have a choice.
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