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  1. clapperjoe

    Best way to get clinical hours

    Is there any way to do more than just one of those options? I know most PA schools don't accept scribing as actual clinical hours; however, the experience and knowledge you gain will set you apart from others once you're finally in PA school. Also, most scribing positions are part time, so this would give you time throughout the week to pursue either of the other two options you have.
  2. "Sir, have you tried unplugging the device & plugging it back in?"
  3. clapperjoe

    PTA vs Scribe for HCE?

    Hey Tex, I guess what I was trying to get at is scribing has been a great experience, I've learned a lot within the last year, and I think OP would benefit more from scribing than being a PT aide if he continues to pursue PA as his future career. Karebear12892 said it great in that I've also taken advantage of my scribing experience - I've learned to interpret audiograms, CT scans of the sinuses, & MRI of the IAC's, but I never said that I'm ready to be thrown into the fire and can begin treating patients today. Also, I did say that I will be using the information moving forward, but I never stated I'm not going to learn what I have to once PA school begins. I understand there are many different ways of treating different conditions, and there is still a lot I haven't been exposed to. Once I get into school, I'm pretty confident my way of thinking will change as I'm not stuck in my ways in my mid-20's. That would be highly inappropriate and kind of defeat the purpose of pursuing PA school. All in all, OP was asking for insight on scribing versus PT aide, and I gave my insight. I appreciate you putting in your two cents, but maybe a little less criticism next time. Good luck in PA school and with your future career as a PA.
  4. clapperjoe

    PTA vs Scribe for HCE?

    I've been a scribe for the last 13 months and I absolutely love it. I've been scribing for an ENT during the entire time, and for the last 8 months have also scribed at an Internal Medicine clinic. At the IM clinic, I continue to work with an MD, DO & NP on a weekly basis and have learned so much as to what goes into primary care such as medications, physical exams, diagnosis', and everything else in between. Also at the IM clinic, there was a 4th year medical student working with them for several weeks and when it came to handling the EMR, to put it nice, he struggled. I wouldn't want to be the new guy and not be very competent with an EMR. Meanwhile at ENT, I've learned the many ways to treat sinus infections, ear infections, thyroid management, etc, and have actually been asked several times for some advice at the PCP clinic. All in all what I'm trying to say is, scribing has allowed me to witness medical decision making at very high levels for over a year, and although I'm still waiting admittance into a PA program, I feel very prepared to move forward once I finally do begin PA school, hopefully this fall or the next. I should also add that last summer, I worked in two cardiac rehabilitation clinics and in one of them, I worked with the physical therapist aide on a regular basis. He was responsible for treating about 16 patients a day, and while this was good hands on work as I was able to directly work with patients for two months, it doesn't compare to the information I've learned from scribing. Ultimately, it is your decision and I think you have to choose between these two things: actual patient contact hours that ultimately won't have a huge impact as a future PA, or scribing hours that will carry over into your career as a PA. If by some chance I didn't make any sense or you want some additional clarification weighing the pros and cons between your respective choices, drop me a PM and I'd be happy to elaborate.
  5. clapperjoe

    Masters Program Recommendations Needed

    I'm from Buffalo, NY and I got my MS in Health & Human Performance with a concentration in Cardiac Rehabilitation at Canisius College before applying to PA school. However, there is an MS program that is 100% online in respiratory care, and a lot of the courses between those two programs are the same with a focus on cardiopulmonary pharmacodynamics and cardiopulmonary pathophysiology. Take a look as this this program can be completed within one year! Look up the "Respiratory Care MS at Canisius College" on Google and it should be a top three link provided.
  6. clapperjoe

    Application cycle 2016 - 2017

    Looks like we can all stop being maniac's (or at least myself) on checking the paper mail and e-mail!
  7. Got the ol, 'Right there Fred!" email the other day. I hope the school buys a couple good lunches with my $150.
  8. clapperjoe

    Application cycle 2016 - 2017

    I am interviewing 10/1/16 as well! However, I believe the interview begins at 9AM, not 8AM. Best of luck! Joe

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