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  1. To all current students! I am looking for what you love about the program, pros/cons, what your schedule is like, and anything else. I love this program so much and would love to hear about it from a student’s point of view.
  2. Just wondering, was this the case if they were verified early in the cycle with prereqs done? This is one of my top choices!!
  3. Cumulative: 3.37 Science: 3.4 GRE: 151 V, 160 Q, 4.0 A 2800+ hours direct patient care as EMT and MA Have an interview on 8/28
  4. Just received email that all my materials have been received! I was verified May 14!
  5. Is the under review email the one that says your application is complete? The last email I got from this school was that it was ready for review
  6. I was offered the 14th but couldn’t take it
  7. I will be there August 28! Was so excited when I received the call!!
  8. I spoke to a recruiter today through the chat option on Navy site and he said I could not start my application or meet with a recruiter until I had an acceptance. Is this true? I have spoken with some people in the HPSP and HSCP who say they were able to meet with a recruiter and do the interviews, physical, etc and have their application ready to send when their acceptance came in.
  9. That helps so much, thank you very much! I am very excited to begin this process.
  10. Hello everyone! Not sure if this is the right thread, so sorry in advance if it is not. I am applying to physician assistant school this cycle and am speaking with a recruiter on Monday for some information about the Navy. I have been interested in joining for awhile and especially to their HSCP. Am I too late to be meeting with a recruiter? I hear some applicants send out their packet when they apply to PA school? Or am I on the right track? For those who have applied, how do you think the process was? Were there minimum qualifications for you to be considered? Look forward to hearing back. Thanks!
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