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  1. You can use a 3 month stint at a job that was horrible as a great learning opportunity. If you are forthcoming and clear about what issues there were at your last job, you can steer clear and ask informed questions during your interview to avoid the same situation again. Remember, interviews are as much for you to find out about the prospective employer as they are for choosing YOU. How does the saying go? , "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."
  2. For me it has been helpful to keep my circle of PA school friends close. Do you have any friends or past colleagues who you do trust enough to call up and talk to about those feelings of doubt? For me just having it be normalized is so helpful. Our state has a call line that providers can access free of charge for consults too, which is super helpful. It is a service put on by the university.
  3. When things are going well, do you get your bonus quarterly? Also, which field are you in? I seem hear most of ER, surgical and orthopedic specialities utilizing an RVU based pay structure. With that being said I did see one internal med PA working both in and outpatient who was on a strict RVU structure. The job i am looking at is family practice.
  4. Thanks for that insight. I am more interested in the aspects you're mentioning regarding clinical practice and decision making. I like to imagine I'd practice in line with how I do now, but maybe having the coding-lens on for each visit would end up changing my practice style. I do have to be very thrifty at this point given we take uninsured folks on a sliding scale. I think i would miss the great resources I have including in house referrals to therapy and psychiatry, and a community health worker. I also think because the other clinic (the one I'm looking at... rvu basis) doesn't take uni
  5. I didn't mention it but financially I am stable and can afford to take a very large pay cut. It is a mental health issue and I have been suffering immensely.
  6. What did you experience or learn when working an RVU job?
  7. The lack of support comes from both front office/operations management and from the physician I work with. On the operations side, I am dealing with multiple errors in scheduling ranging from being scheduled new patients for 20 minute visits (should be 40s), spelling errors in their names or DOB that make PDMP access impossible, incorrect phone numbers so I can't call my patients, or for example I had to take 1 week of emergency leave due to a death in the family and my entire patient panel that week had their appointments cancelled without being called, notified and rescheduled. I have noti
  8. Hi there I currently work full time as a new grad 6 months into my position at a family practice FQHC. I've been hanging tough but recently have felt that the lack of support is reaching an untenable high. I'm looking for other jobs. I am currently salaried at 94k + 10k bonus and really good benefits including 20 days PTO, 10 days CME, health dental vision malpractice and 4% 401k. I am going to call a startup that I interviewed with as a new grad and who had offered me a position at the time which I declined as they offer an RVU-based salary. Now that I am 1000hrs into practice as a PA
  9. -Work 30% less hard. -Look into opening another side gig. -Spend some time coming up with a budget so that your motivation to get that 30% back has a goal? -get in contact with HR and get it in writing when you can expect a return in your regular salary. Get outlined exactly what contingencies need to be met for this to happen. Some ideas.
  10. Joke only: (!!!) Question: what do you call two orthopods reading an ekg? . . . Answer: A double blind study!
  11. Had a patient ask for a letter stating she could go into town, businesses, church, and work without wearing a mask because it gives her anxiety. I told her, "no can do" and sent her a referral to a therapist so she can do some exposure therapy.
  12. Our state DOH updated guidance has 2 strategies. 1) sx based-- stay home from work 10 days after sx first appeared and no sx for at least 3 days. 2) resolution of fever + reduced sx like cough + two consecutive negative PCRs. Option 2 has a little asterisk that says there have been reports of prolonged RNA detection without correlation to viral culture and that PCR RNA detection does not necessarily mean that infectious virus is present.. Clear as mud and twice as interesting.
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