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  1. When I received my call I was told it would be about two weeks or so to be asked for the deposit; so, we still have some time like Peanut3 was saying. =)
  2. Congratulations,SengVang!!! Thank you for the clarification as well on the calls for today. I got so excited that I did not want anyone to miss their call!
  3. Thank you very much for the info. I did find the group and clicked "join." I will await permission from Rayleen. Thank you again!!
  4. Congratulation to you as well!!! I also look forward to meeting you in the fall!! How do I locate the Facebook group to join?
  5. Received an acceptance call today from SMU; so excited!!!!! Sounded also like others will be getting calls as well; so, keep a look out for a call from 510 area code like DDoc-Skyline had previously mentioned. =)
  6. Congratulations, RRAtoPA and to all the others that have received their acceptances! Still hoping to get that coveted call!!
  7. I am definitely used to having my name spelled wrong! LOL It makes for some great nicknames! I have not heard anything just yet myself; and I am very much hoping and praying to get the coveted call! Congratulations to both mtorr_ca and to bmccullough on your acceptances!!!
  8. I also received my letter in December. I contacted UNR to see how many they placed on the alternate list and where I ranked; but, they said that the information was not available at that time. I did just receive an invite for an "Information Session" that they are offering on two different dates in February. The information session does not indicate if it is a general information session like the ones they had last year; or, if it is for those of us that interviewed (they mentioned about bringing us back in March or April to go over how to improve our chances in the future). If you do not mind me asking, are you from Nevada, in the Reno area or elsewhere? Thank you for your response!
  9. I received a letter indicating I am on the alternate list. Did anyone else get the same letter? Winniethepooh, did the director maybe call you since you were out-of-state; or, did he say at all? You mentioned that others had received acceptance letters; were these candidates in state here in Nevada or out-of-state, if you do not mind me asking? Also, congratulations on getting a seat! =)
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