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  1. Fellow waitlister here! I haven't heard anything either. I dream of going to Rocky and being in the dark is the worst. Calle said that they called someone 3 days before the start of program last year. Expect to wait a while. It's mostly rough because no one knows their waitlist position. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I have the funds to apply for this next cycle so a rejection would put be back about a year or so :(
  2. Good job getting it in so early Ifenio! I ended up having to wait quite a bit to figure out LoR stuff on CASPA. You must have been on point getting your references to complete your letters.
  3. Well I didn't realize that there wasn't a visible timer when I began, so I probably should have set my own like a lot of people here said. That being said, I managed to get a decent answer to each question. My one issue though is that I have an incomplete sentence on the 3rd question. The timer ended while I was concluding my statement. Hopefully that's not too big of a deal.
  4. I wouldn't mind taking a look if you send it to me in a message! Maybe we can trade PS critiques. I'm sure someone who is already a PA-C or in school would have better feedback though!
  5. Hello, I have a relatively rough draft that I was hoping someone could take a look over. I feel like I could use some help making it flow and also ordering the topics that I am writing about. Of course, any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated (seriously, if it's terrible please just shred me over it because I'll redo the whole thing if I have to) Thank you so much in advance! This forum has been a massive help with the application process. -Ethan EDIT: I don't want to post it publicly just since I've heard stories about anti-plagiarism software catching stuff from this website.
  6. Thank you Han! I think it's mostly just my nerves getting the best of me because I've been waiting so long for this next CASPA cycle.
  7. Hello! I have posted here occasionally for advice about who to approach for LoRs (I didn't feel that my shadowing MDs,PAs knew me well enough to write a quality letter). I thought I would run through my current choices and hopefully get some peace of mind from you folks! Here are my current 3 LoR choices (I am aware that some schools require letters from an MD/PA but I believe I can work around that.) 1. Academic letter written by my Anatomy series professor. I got a 4.0 in this class and I know I'll get a solid letter here so no worries. 2. Letter from my upper level manager in the radiology department I work for. He has credentials as a CRA, RT® (ARRT) and is the operations manager for inpatient medical imaging. He is a bit more on the executive side of things but he also observes me at work frequently. 3.Letter from my original nursing manager. This is the one that I am floundering with currently. She only has BSN credentials but she is the IP/OP IR coordinator for the hospital and she also works as a shift manager. More or less one of the top nurses in the hospital. My main worry is that my third letter might be weak because it's from an RN (although she has 20+ years of experience). As stated, I do have shadowing hours with an MD but he is extremely busy and I only got about 20 hours total with him. I think he would give the okay for a letter but I don't think he knows me well enough to attest to my patient care abilities. I could also get a letter from our outpatient operations manager. He has a M.P.H. but I think 2 letters from executives might detract from each other. Sorry if this post is a little bit trivial- I know I should just ask the people who are best able to confirm my aptitude for patient care and PA school as a whole. I just come from a non-traditional background and I'm trying to make things work for this next cycle. Thanks in advance! Ethan
  8. Did you only apply to schools that didn't require a letter from a PA? I am in a similar situation right now; my stats are competitive all around but I can't get more 2 shifts shadow time with any one PA (I work at a busy hospital in WA). I know I could ask one for but they probably couldn't actually attest to my ability. Hearing that worked for you is actually great! I think I can use two of my clinical supervisors and my A&P professor.
  9. Hello, This had me up last night ruminating so I thought I would listen to some outside opinions: I currently plan on applying to PA schools in the next CASPA cycle. I have a 4 year degree in Behavioral Neuroscience and about 3250 patient care hours; 2000 from an acute psych ward (Fairfax) and almost 1250 from Overlake Medical Center (as an imaging assistant). Both of these jobs count as HCE so I'm all good there. I also know that I can handle the course material and clinicals. I'm wondering if I'm currently too young to be pursuing PA school at 23 y/o. My main worries are about lacking life experience and making a careless mistake that negatively impacts one of my patients. How well does PA school prepare you to be calling the shots with patient care? I've worked with plenty of patients but there is a massive difference between following orders and giving them out. I worry that coming from a non-traditional background will limit my insight towards medical problems. How much is expected of a new PA fresh out of school? Most of my shadowing time has been with experienced providers but it would be nice to observe someone at work during their first year or so. The other option that is currently open to me is a quick 2 year Rad Tech program (which would more than pay the bills) to enhance my healthcare knowledge/experience and then maybe work for another few years before applying to PA school (at around 27 y/o). Thank you! Ethan
  10. I worked about 2000 hours at a closed doors psychiatric facility as a nursing assistant (Fairfax Behavioral Health) and now I work at Overlake Medical Center as an imaging assistant. The problem with working in Imaging at Overlake is that I'm not in contact with doctors much (other than radiologists... but they lock themselves in the read room all day). I've looked in to clinic work but I don't have MA certification, nor do I want to spend the two years and $$ on obtaining it since I already have a four year degree in Behavioral Neuroscience. I took the GRE with a cumulative score of 313 and a 4.5 in analytical writing. My science GPA is in the 3.6-3.7 range with total cumulative of 3.49 (although most classes I took are were hard science). I am fairly certain that the only thing holding me back are references... I would have applied in this cycle otherwise. I have arranged shadowing at the Overlake Neuroscience Institute, but I'm mostly just unsure about how to maintain a 6 month long relationship with a doctor. Particularly my hospital is a pretty busy place. Scribing is still an option, but as far as I know the pay is like 13$/hr and I wouldn't be able to take care of my bills :(
  11. I'm planning on applying to the next cycle but I had a question for you all. It says on the Heritage University website that the letters of recommendation need to be from Doctors/PAs that you have known for 6 months or more. I work in a hospital, but not too closely with doctors. I'm also going to be shadowing and I was planning on using the doctors from my shadowing experience for my LORs. The thing is, I highly doubt that they will want to have me shadowing for such a long period of time. I'm wondering if any of you ran into a similar situation and how you might have handled it. I plan on shadowing each reference for 50+ hours but there is no way that will be a six month long relationship. The only option I can think of that wouldn't require additional certification is applying to scribe in the ER, but that's not quite what I wanted to focus on and there aren't going to be job openings for a while. Thanks in advance.
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