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    They are IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of. This is ridiculous. I have had my stuff submitted 5 weeks ago and tried contacting them 2x via voicemail and 2x via email. No replies. Any one else have any luck? For some reason, when I log onto my Application Portal, the PA application isn't there anymore and there isn't an option to start a new application though.
  2. Thank you guys, didn't know what to expect! Truly awesome how supportive you guys are and hopefully I can do the same for others in the future. For those searching up this topic later on, my "working" interview consisted of shadowing (no interviewing, etc. like Rev said) and discussing the case away from the pt afterwards, and I was also given some peds dosing calculations to do (that sucked).
  3. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I'm a new grad who's been called for a "working" interview at an urgent care. My license is still in process, so I was wondering what I should expect and what are the limits to this? Is it just shadowing, taking HPIs, etc. but not actually doing PEs, etc. on patients? Can't find much info about this online for the medical field, so all your help is very appreciated!
  4. Hey! I sent you a PM of which city it's in, and really appreciate your help! Feel free to reply here or there
  5. Hi! I am a NEW GRAD with an offer in the Central Valley of CA (not a major coastal city). I am from a major coastal city in CA, so I am a bit unsure about salaries out there. What do you guys think of this? Really appreciate all the help! Salary: $100,000 (but $24/hr till CA license rolls in, which I heard can take foreverrrr) Shift: M-F 8a-5p, no call..... 4 days clinic/ 1 day OR CME: $1,000 License/Cert allowance: $600/yr Match: 3% match PTO:2 weeks (not too happy about this - did not mention sick days) Benefit: ONLY medical Malpractice: Tail covered Can't help but think the salary is a bit low for simply being in CA (I know a classmate who got 120k in a larger coastal city but does have 1:6 call) and the benefits could be a bit better. They seem to be really pushing me to sign, which is throwing some flags for me. Surgeon was willing to train though and office staff seems nice!
  6. If you hate your profession so much, why don't you, yourself, go back to medical school? What I'm trying to understand is OP's logic behind going back to medical school when he HASN'T EVEN BEGUN PRACTICING AS A PA, thus it seems that he is using PA school as an opportunity to get into medical school. Sure, I know there are many PAs who go back to medical school, but they often have reasons such as not having enough autonomy, knowledge, etc. But there are also many PAs who are happy with their decision to become a PA. Also, what does this say about the profession if everyone went and hopped onto the medical school boat? The MPAS is not a MMS or post-bac degree...
  7. Why are you thinking about going to medical school while you're still in PA school/ haven't been out practicing yet? Seems like you shoulda just went to a DO school off the bat. PA should not be a stepping stone into medical school...
  8. Is Nov 17 the last interview date? I remember reading that Nov was the last interview month... I submitted my app kinda late (mid-August) but have not heard back at all regarding the status of my application.
  9. Hey! There is no essay portion for the interview. Honestly, I would say that there were fewer questions than I anticipated...but maybe I was so nervous about my first PA school interview that I didn't really notice. I would guess there more than 5 but less than 10 questions? No tricky ones though. Also, my interview lasted a whopping 20-25 minutes, while the person before me took about 40 minutes (so I felt pretty shitty afterwards and thought that I didn't get in). We were told that they did not have a cutoff for each interview group, so don't feel that you're in competition with others. Talking to others before going in for my individual interview really did help calm my nerves a bit. Good luck!
  10. Found out I was accepted yesterday! The letter was also dated 10/13, but I interviewed 10/11. I'm also more than happy to help with any questions regarding interview day!
  11. Does anyone know how much of the class is filled up? I got a last minute email for an interview invite for 10/21...Although I'm grateful, I do understand Atlantic City's class is a small class size!
  12. Congrats on the acceptance! So it definitely wasn't a group interview with other applicants?
  13. I think you're on the wrong forum haha. This is for Pacific U in Oregon. Congrats to everyone who got interviews! I'm still waiting myself as well. To those accepted, would you mind sharing how many HCE hours you guys have? I am short of the class profile avg of 4000, but this is my #1 school!
  14. Verified 8/15, Interview invite on 8/22 for 10/11. Incredibly grateful! Anyone else interviewing this date?
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