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  1. New Grad. What are some things I should look over while I have the free time (common disorders, etc.)? From what I read, Minor Emergencies was a good resource to have as far as supplemental reading. Any random input would be great! Thanks
  2. Thanks for responding. Yeah i ended up taking it. Really excited!
  3. So a potential job opportunity at a UC clinic. I'll have the opportunity to a shadow a provider for a couple hours a so I get a feel for the day to day activities. What are some good questions to ask the provider from a potential employee's point of view? Questions I wouldn't know or think t to ask since im a new grad. Any input is great. Thanks!
  4. For catching up on charting and actually having a lunch break. I agree. Just wanted someone with experience to confirm my initial thoughts on the schedule. Appreciate your response.
  5. Yes, 1.5 hour breaks for 8-7 and 10 - 7 shifts and 0.5 hour breaks for 8-5 Other context. I'm a new grad. Week 1 M 8 - 7 (9.5 hrs) T 10 - 7 (7.5) W 8 - 5 (7.5) R 10 - 7 (7.5) F 8 - 5 (7.5) S x Sx Week 2 M 8 - 7 (9.5) T 10 - 7 (7.5) W 8 - 5 (7.5) R x F 8 - 5 (7.5) S 9 - 6 (8) S 12 - 5 (5) Week 3 M 8 - 5 (7.5) T 8 - 5 (7.5) W x R 8 - 7 (7.5) F 8 - 5 (7.5) S x S x True hours spent at office NOT including extra time spent at office finishing up charts Week 1 = 47 Week 2 = 52 Week 3 = 36 Avg
  6. So i got that part clarified. It is 1.5 hour lunch break. To be honest, the schedule is the biggest thing holding me back right now. Not sure if it is a fair schedule or not. True hours spent at office NOT including extra time spent at office finishing up charts Week 1 = 47 Week 2 = 52 Week 3 = 36 Avg - 45 hrs / week Hours Getting paid Week 1 = 39. 5 Week 2 = 45 Week 3 = 32 Avg - 38.33 Is this ideal, considering weekends are involved?
  7. During my phone interview, I was told that mid levels don't receive contracts. "NY is an at will state". If no contract, then what does that mean? lol i hope this isn't a stupid question. Just new to all of this contract stuff. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Based on what i've read, looks like what is in my contract is enforceable. Apparently, GA is more "pro-employer" when it comes to non competes.
  9. So this is essentially my first rodeo when it comes to negotiating a contract offer. Reading up on it now and came across this statement. Source: http://cheekyscientist.com/12-tips-on-how-to-negotiate-a-job-offer-to-increase-your-starting-salary/ Based on your experience, is this a good way to go about things. I'm trying to negotiate this contract (http://www.physicianassistantforum.com/index.php?/topic/41261-family-med-offer-need-advice/), and i don't know if i should ask for everything at once or separately, like the author of the article suggests. Any input would be
  10. Btw, is there any resources you guys can direct me to on this forum or elsewhere on how to negotiate a contract. Feeling lost on how to ask for what I want, if that makes sense.
  11. That's what it shows on the sample template HR provided. I should clarify that line. They said 20 max for a typical 8 - 5 for when im established. So whatever the typical pt/hr rate that comes out to.
  12. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I really do appreciate it.
  13. New grad offer in Georgia Salary - 85 base with monthly production bonus . Production bonus = " product of 15% multiplied by excess of PAs allocable collections over 40k during the applicable determination period (calendar month) Expected Patient Load - 20 pts max for a typical 8 -5 when im establised. (Edit) - Ill be honest, i have no idea how that bonus works. HR Manager said "most new grads make at least 100k in their first year" for whatever that's worth lol. Also said that they're not flexible in negiotiating 85k, because of the friendly bonus structure. Retir
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