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  1. Last year was the first year they started all interviews in September so I'm not sure if they're sticking to that this year too. I know that a decent amount of us found out rather last minute last year that we were invited for an interview (I was given a week notice) so keep your hopes up everyone and goodluck !
  2. I actually got a rejection letter this morning via email!
  3. Luckily a school agreed to cover 75% of my tuition so the debt will be much more manageable now. Thanks for all of the suggestions and advice.
  4. Finally received rejection via snail mail after submitting supplemental late August.
  5. I declined my spot on the waitlist. Hope this opens it up for someone else
  6. I also just got the call. I'm already pretty committed to another program but this was my number one so NO IDEA
  7. Just received a notification that I was placed on the waitlist via email. Interviewed 11/1
  8. Just gave up my spot for another program. Good luck to everyone
  9. Received my rejection letter via snail mail yesterday. Said they had 36 applications per spot and interviewed 5 per spot
  10. Thanks! Your responses have been helpful
  11. Happy to answer your questions! I PMd you
  12. I wish they didn't wait so long to send out interview invites because now I'm already conflicted between two other programs so I'm not sure I'll go to another interview at this point.
  13. I was also accepted today! Repping the Oct 25 interview!
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