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  1. I hear great things about carolinas healthcare hospitalist residency!
  2. DNPs calling themselves doctor in a clinical setting needa be slapped.
  3. Agreed. It’s like when NPs sell the fact that they are the more “hollistic” providers. Neither is true but is a make believe selling point.
  4. Hello, I am doing a 1.5 year long thesis on any or all of these topics. They are topics I am passionate about and are hot PA topics at the moment. I am going to read through the research on these and look for gaps where a research project could be beneficial, but I was wondering if there is any research that YOU would like to see regarding these topics? Any good ideas? Thanks!
  5. Hello! I will be attending the AAPA Denver Conference in May. I am looking for a roommate(s) to share a hotel room for the few days. I’m also okay with sleeping on the floor if your room is full (lol). Males or Females I don’t care! :)
  6. Still forming my opinions on ENTRY level doctorates... Cost seems like an issue... PAs make ok $$$ but many doctoral programs now-a-days are $100k+ tuition. What are your thoughts?
  7. Looking to apply straight out of PA school. Hoping it makes early transisition into academia or leadership smoother. Heard from Dr. Rust that admissions weren’t too competitive. Also seems like a good idea to get “even” with DNPs (sigh*). Doesn’t seem to be geared towards improving clinical skills though. Edit: you also won’t have to deal with people saying DNPs are “more educated”. Lol
  8. Maybe the key for AAPA to change the name is reverse psychology. Since they call us dependant assistants let’s all act like it. Introduce ourselves as assistants with emphasis on assistant, be super dependant on our physicians, act “less educated” than NPs, etc... then AAPA would be forced to make changes or the profession will go to shit. Just kidding lol.
  9. Unfortunately there are multiple people on reddit defending the name... also the comments that defend the name get a decent amount of “likes/thumbs up”. Why are people trying so hard to defend a name that doesn’t represent our profession/role? What a waste of effort.
  10. 1 Guy on reddit was anti-name change and stated that “it’s taken about 55 years to be understood in the medical community. This will set us back” 1) The fact that it took 55 years for people to understand our title/role = red flag. Medical Practitioner will take 5 seconds to understand. 2) And no, they still don’t understand our profession after 55 years.
  11. Maybe we have to do reverse psychology for AAPA to make moves quicky. Start introducing ourselves as assistants, talk all about our dependancy on our physician, and our lower degree level to all the other providers. Then AAPA would have to make moves quick and change the name so that we stop. Just kidding but ugh.
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