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  1. You'll get an initial notification by email. The email tells you to expect a formal letter in the mail.
  2. Hey everyone! I was accepted so far into the Marywood University and University of the Sciences of Philadelphia PA programs. The cost of attendance is important, but I also want to ensure I have good options for clinical rotations and am getting a good education all around. USciences was my top choice since I first applied to programs last cycle but I fell in love with both schools after attending the open houses and interviews. I love Philadelphia and it's close to my family, which was one of the things that initially attracted me to USciences. Marywood is a little farther and is in, what I would consider, the "boonies" but I thought maybe that could be better to eliminate distractions. One of the major differences is that USciences is a 3 year program, while Marywood is a 2 year program(no summers off, etc). Not only does that mean USciences is much more costly, but that would also be a whole year I could be working and earning money. I have a ton of loans already from undergrad (triple digits!) so I should take cost into consideration. I was hoping that maybe someone would be familiar with these programs or my situation in general and could give a little bit of insight to help me make my decision. Thanks everyone!
  3. Don't be discouraged!! I had a 3.14 science GPA and a 3.43 overall GPA. I was in undergrad for 6 years (transferring and changing my mind in early college set me back a lot). I spent my last three years at a huge university and I really "screwed up" there. I went from a 4.0 student my first three years to a C/B student my last three. I even got a D in Chem II and had to retake it. My first time applying, I learned so much. I didn't have high expectations to get in due to my GPA and relatively low HCE but I knew that I had to try. I was surprised when I got an invite-only supplemental application to USciences but in the end, I was rejected by all 7 schools... which was definitely discouraging. I used the rest of the year to work on my HCE by becoming an EMT (<< great learning experience!) and working in a doctor's office as a non-certified medical assistant. I also started a new personal statement months in advance, having it reviewed by multiple people. In my statement, I avoided drawing attention to where I was lacking (academics) and focused more on the experiences that led me to want to become a PA, as well as those that have prepared me to succeed as a PA student/practicing PA (especially those that I have accomplished since my first time applying). I also took my GRE last year with little preparation and did "average". I didn't have time to study and retake them this year so I decided not to include them and only applied to schools that didn't require it. If you have the time, I'd definitely recommend retaking them and getting an above-average score though. Next year, I'd DEFINITELY also recommend doing your research and branching out to schools that maybe you haven't heard of or areas you wouldn't have normally thought to go. This year was my second time applying and I applied to every school I could on the East Coast that accepted my GPA and no GRE's. I knew I had a better shot than last year, but I wasn't sure if it was. After attending a couple of interviews, I recently accepted a seat at Marywood University. Before my interview, I attended an open house to the school and fell in love with the program (attending these can also be a bonus to your application if you make yourself standout without being overbearing). This program was one of the last minute ones I added on a whim because I have never heard of it but I'm so glad that I did. You don't necessarily have to take additional classes or get a master's to get accepted into a program next year. My advice is to look up schools on this forum, see the stats of previously accepted students to get a feel for the schools and what they look for. Some schools focus more on the "well-rounded student", rather than a high GPA. This means lots of meaningful HCE (some programs are picky with what is acceptable patient-care experience...I know scribing can be considered as shadowing), submitting your application EARLY (within the first week or two of the opening date if possible), and an impressive personal statement. If this is what you truly want to do, don't give up on it. I would have applied 4 more times if that's what it took. If that's the same case for you, show them that passion in your statement, essays, and future interviews. Sorry for the long post. I just understand the struggle associated with low GPA and want you to know that there's still plenty of hope! Good luck!
  4. I was there on the 29th and haven't received anything from them either
  5. Congrats to everyone accepted- although we still have quite a journey ahead of us, we made it this far! Anyway, one of our classmates was kind enough to start a Facebook group so that we can begin getting to know one another :) Here is the link: https://www.facebook...81429158923290/ Looking forward to meeting you all! - Alex
  6. Hey! I think either one of those would be a great idea. I'll be looking for roommates as well!
  7. Congrats! Looking forward to meeting everyone :)
  8. To be wait listed, especially in your first year of applying without any preparation, is a great accomplishment! I have been through 2 interviews so far and accepted by one of them (still waiting to hear from the other). The list in the link below is what I used to practice. By practicing, I mean having a general answer prepared for each question so that I wouldn't be surprised by any questions. I practiced in front of other people, wording my answer differently each time. It really helped boost my confidence without sounding rehearsed. There wasn't really a question I was asked that I wasn't prepared for thanks to the list I reviewed (except it doesn't have a question along the lines of "3 words I would use to describe myself"). The interviews I attended were totally conversational. Definitely have some questions prepared to ask the interviewer. I generally asked what field they work in if they're a practicing PA, what they find current students struggle with most in their program, or if I can address any further questions or concerns they might have. Congratulations on the interview though and good luck! Sample Questions: http://www.thepalife.com/the-top-46-physician-assistant-applicant-interview-questions/
  9. Actually nevermind, I just now got the call from them! I'll be joining you guys in the upcoming class this May :)
  10. Those who were accepted - how long after your interview did you receive a phone call? Congrats by the way!
  11. I'm excited to say that I just received an invite to come in for an interview in a couple of weeks! USciences sent and email on June 29th stating they received my application. I was sent the supplemental on July 27th and submitted it about a week and a half later. Good luck to everyone! :)
  12. Hey! So, I submitted my application May 27 and it was verified June 16. I received a call on Aug 10 letting me know that I got an interview for September! Good luck :)
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