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  1. I would recommend a medical assistant job that you could have hands on patient care experience from. Apply to many as you possibly can. I did EMT actually one summer and got my certification, but it’s hard to work as an EMT during school cause of the hours. I got a job as an MA in derm and got tons of experience. I even worked part time during the school year! Good luck!
  2. Hey everyone. Got off waitlist this afternoon! Interviewed in 9/11! I accepted elsewhere so will be giving up my spot! Hope this opens it up to one of y’all! Good luck :)
  3. How is there no movement when so many people have given up their spot lol. Seems weird, maybe they are waiting to pull from waitlist..
  4. seems a lot of people have given their spots up, but no movement on the waitlist?
  5. Couldn't find this information anywhere specifically in Texas. I know it depends on the state. Tried checking TAPA and AAPA, I was unsuccessful. Thanks in advance!
  6. They don't send out waitlist until everyone has been called I'm pretty sure. That's how it was last year.
  7. Neither. You didn't need it. It is a pretty laid back interview comparitively. Some are really more conversational. It's 3 one on ones.
  8. What did she say about the waitlist rankings??
  9. I interviewed last year and would say most people dressed business casual! You get to meet the faculty members and there's food. Also you your the school! The interview itself is pretty casual 3 one on ones very traditional but they're nice for the most part!! Depends on who you get, as some are more casual some are more serious/intimidating imo. I got waitlisted and heard today I got an interview for 1/20!
  10. Don't worry I'm sure you'll hear soon!! Keep your head up! But also being on the list means a killer wait too haha. I was waiting till the day they started classes basically. I feel like no news is good news. Last year it seemed like those who got rejections heard back before those on the alternate! Good luck! If it's meant to be it's meant to be because I think really all schools do a good job of picking people that would fit in well! Even a waitlist is good thing! And if you don't get in keep trying!! :) it'll be worth it.
  11. My friend just got a call that she got in! She interviewed September!! Just to keep y'all updated! Looks like they made calls today too! Still hope!
  12. Yeah could be true! I have absolutely no idea exactly how the process works. It's just my guess based on my experience last year and stalking previous boards last year. I definitely stalked these boards like crazy to try and figure out timelines, oops!! But by no means am I saying anything definite and this is how it is, just trying to give y'all an idea as I would like to know too in the situation, and I wanna prevent y'all from looking back too much! Not trying to bring y'all down at all! There's always hope and in waitlists as well! Keep in mind they could also accept more than 5 people after interview sessions and a lot of people actually don't post here/have never heard of the forums.
  13. Honestly they've probably gotten back to everyone already from my understanding of the process but it could have changed! Typically they review all applications Tuesday after interviews. They get back to people Wednesday or Tuesday night, but it could have changed! Best of luck! Don't lose hope! Nothing wrong with reapplying, most people have to. Unfortunately PA school is so competitive! Class sizes are small.
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