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  1. Outpatient primary care office in the Bronx, NYC with 90% adult 10% children ages 5 and up. Salary: $96,000 Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00am-6:00pm with 2 Saturdays a month from 9:00am-3:00pm "Working hours are scheduled with the practice and are subject to change at anytime, based on business demands" need a little clarity on that because a bit concerned they can keep me even later than the proposed working hours. Expected to see 20-25 patients a day 2 weeks PTO + 1 week CME with $1000 stipend + 4 paid sick days that begins to accumulate after 180 days Paid holida
  2. Hello everyone, I posted on this site a while ago deciding whether or not it was worth to apply to PA school now or the next cycle. Many suggested to apply the next cycle due to my stats. Well, despite what was suggested I still applied as I had nothing to lose. I applied to 8 schools. I got rejected from 5 schools, waitlisted to 1 school, no response from 1 school, and got accepted to SUNY Downstate Medical Center, my top choice. I don't have much time left until the program starts. Classes start May 31st and the program lasts for 27 months. I want to review as much Anatomy as I can
  3. Yes, they emailed me. I had to login where I had submitted the application to see their admission decision.
  4. UPDATE- I was accepted to SUNY Downstate Medical Center! It was my 1st choice too. I was losing hope as I got rejected from almost every school but I finally received an interview for this school on March 6th and was accepted on March 8th.
  5. I was interviewed on March 6th and accepted on March 8th!! Was surprised how fast the decision was. It was my top choice school too.
  6. Hey Guys, I just finished my interview today. Took 10 minutes and I was interviewed by a professor and an admissions recruiter. Looking to hear back from them with good news! They supposedly only chose 200 of the 4100 applicants for interview and the class size should be 55 students. The interview was not as much as a nightmare I'd imagined it to be even though I had trouble answering I think 1 or 2 questions. I just kindly asked them to repeat the question and they were nice about it.
  7. It says that I received an interview for December 3rd. However, it says I'm applying for the graduating class of 2021 regardless of academic history. Does this mean I'll have to attend the 4.5 year B.S/M.S. program or do they waive the undergrad portion because I'll have a B.S. by the end of this semester.
  8. Cumulative GPA- 3.915 Science GPA- 3.946 Clinical Experience- Around 200 hours Non-Clinical Experience- Around 500 hours My supplemental fee was received on October 9th.
  9. I got invited to an interview on the 11th of November at 8:00am. Anyone else got that date? I'm excited this is my first interview for a PA school EVER because I'm finishing undergrad this semester. Congrats to the all the people who got accepted already by the way. Does anyone have any tips for the interview? I'm really nervous.
  10. I am certified in Phlebotomy, EKG, CPR, and Medical Assistant. I just decided to do ED scribing first because I got the opportunity to land a job much easier in that profession. ALSO, THIS QUESTION IS FOR ANYONE AT OR PURSUING DOWNSTATE, do you think they will let me complete the amount of hours prior to matriculation to the program? I'll definitely have 1000+ hours before next summer.
  11. Yeah, it quickly became a race against the clock to apply for this cycle. I'm really overwhelmed because I'm actually trying to do this all in one week which is getting more hectic by the day. It sucks because I have everything just not the HCE for Downstate. Also, is it actually true you can only apply to Downstate a max of 2 times?
  12. Hello everyone, I'm currently an undergraduate student from CUNY and am trying to look for many opinions from other people in this field. Here's a little background on me as well as my qualifications below. -Currently enrolled in a 4-year CUNY and am now finishing my B.S. in Biology this upcoming fall. - My cumulative GPA is 3.915. - My science GPA is 3.946. - Possible candidate for summa cum laude honors. - Maybe valedictorian or salutatorian but I'm not counting on this. - President's List, Provost's List, Dean's List. - Member of Chi Alpha Epsilon honor society and Phi Theta
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