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  1. Looking for a rosh review leftover. Taking PANCE June 7, 2019. PM me.
  2. Is it unwise to send the school an application update if on the waitlist?
  3. I emailed this today Hi, I was wondering if there was any update regarding the waitlist for the class entering July 2017. Will students on the waitlist be made aware of their placement on the list and movement within the list? Thank you in advance. And they replied a few hours later We do not rank our waitlist. We are looking to maintain 75 seats in our upcoming class, if that number drops below 75 we will go to the waitlist and review candidates to make offers. This process can continue until the class begins in July. Usually we utilize 40 percent of our wait list.
  4. Anyone know when the December interview people will hear back
  5. Got an invitation today to interview December 8. I will be attending but does anyone know if this is for the waitlist?
  6. I think they sent them out with the October invites. You had an option to choose between 10/22 and 11/5.
  7. I received an confirmation email about the location but nothing about the interview format. Should I email them? I picked 12/9 for my interview date.
  8. I submitted my secondary a few days before July 4 and it was confirmed received July 6. If I haven't heard back in terms of an interview should I assume rejection?
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