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  1. Just finished PANCE. Feel like a moron. Is that normal?
  2. I heard from our director that a 350 no longer...needs to be around 400. Something within 1 standard deviation
  3. Hey does anyone know how they are scoring pass/fail now. I know that 350 used to be but I heard that increased but no actual numbers. It's like super secret squirrel here!
  4. I read somewhere that Rosh review updated their scoring to accomodate the 2019 test. I noticed that my score decreased on Rosh approximately 2 months ago and i had 98% of the 3000 questions done at the time. I am hoping that the rosh review is low!
  5. Hello all, I am currently finishing my last 4 months of PA school and am hoping to commission into either the Navy Reserves or Army NG. I am 42, about to be 43 prior to commission, so I have talked to both and Navy would need to get a waiver (which I was told would not be a problem) and then a waiver to use my 19 years as a Paramedic to get in the Reserves (which I was also told would probably not be a problem) and the ANG said their max age without prior was 48 so I am good there. Seeing as how on paper they both look similar with drilling schedules etc, I am curious between the two. I can
  6. Good luck to all of you interviewing. As was stated earlier, just relax and enjoy it. The staff is awesome and I too was accepted for January and am really looking forward to getting to know them better!
  7. I will be there Friday as well. Might stop by if I have a chance. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I wish I could but due to my work schedule I will be arriving late that night. Maybe after the interview.
  9. I am kind of confused by them. I turned in my CASPA information, but it took a week or two to get verified through CASPA. I have only received the thank you for submitting your supplemental application email and have heard nothing else since the end of September. I do not even know if my application has gone through a review, been kicked out or anything. Here we are 3 months later and I have heard nothing and I am starting to believe that I am not going to get an interview since the last ones I heard are for Jan 19th.
  10. I too am turning in my paperwork now. I know, a little later than I should but this is my first time and I just found out about the school. A little about me, I just turned 40, I have a crummy GPA of 2.9 with the last 56 credit hours taken recently of a 4.0. I have been a practicing Paramedic for over 11 years now with over 15 years in EMS total. I hope that my recent drive of the 4.0 classes and the experience will help me get in somewhere!
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