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  1. I received my review email on August 4th and got my interview invite on September 14, more than a month later so I wouldn't worry yet. Good Luck
  2. Interviewed Oct 19th, received my acceptance on the 20th! I am so excited to be a part of this program! Candles_064The interview was enjoyable! There was 8 interviewees and we were told there were still seats available in the class. They did not say how many nor do I knowhow many people got accepted from my interview group. Good Luck!!!
  3. Congrats to those of you who received an interview! I got my rejection last week.Good luck to the rest of the applicants!
  4. This is a great post! The wait game is not fun but hopefully it will pay off. I was waitlisted at the first school I interviewed at and have another interview in a month. Good luck to everyone!
  5. I have been placed on the wait list, still hopeful. Congrats znb on your acceptance!
  6. Does anyone know how many people have been accepted so far?
  7. Thank you all! I am in the process of applying places to get more experience. I have gotten one interview invitation so that made me extremely happy.
  8. I have an interview on 8/26. Anyone else have an interview that day? I am very excited! Tannn congrats on your acceptance! Can you tell me what the hardest part of your interview day was and what the essay portion was about? Thank you!
  9. Hello all, This is my first year applying and I was wondering if I stand a chance this year or what I should try to improve for next cycle. My stats are cGPA- 3.46 sGPA- 3.41 GRE- 153-verbal, 150-quant, 4.5 writing HCE- 1000 hours as a scribe/medical assistant (not certified MA) Volunteer in Hospital- 75 hrs Receptionist/office assistant in private practice psychiatrist office- 250hrs Shadowing- 100hr ED Physician, did spend time with PA during shadowing (I am also shadowing a PA in family medicine in 2 weeks) I also have volunteer hours at an elementary school 105 LOR- Physician, Biology Professor, and previous manager I appreciate any feedback :)
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