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  1. Depends on what you’re used to. I’ve had PC computers/2 in 1 and MacBook/iPad. If you’ve never used a MacBook there is a slight learning curve to it so something to keep in mind. I loved my 2 in 1 computer (laptop/tablet with pen) because it was a full laptop that I could write on. EDIT: Also check with the school for specific requirements [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. At our ancillary hospital ER it was possible for the nurses to do this (they can't at our main hospital ER because we use a different EMR which won't let you do this, why there's two different EMRs I have no idea). I actually used to change their comments to "waiting to discuss w/ attending." I hated it when they did it because I was literally just starting out and thought it was just me but then I overheard my attending discussing it with the head of the ancillary ER (she was super frustrated about it too). That ER was way less volume than the main ER and the nurses that worked there would get very antsy when times started approaching 3 hours (the EMR changes the color of TID to red once they reach 3 hours, yellow when it hits 1 hour). But in short--I thought it was really rude when they would type it in all caps. Luckily we don't go to the ancillary ER anymore--they hired all new staff to cover that since the main ER started getting more busy.
  3. I used a MacBook that was 9 years and got an iPad mini. Used notability to sync between them. Opened up my ppt and took notes in the bottom of the slide (notes section) and then printed as pdf with notes and uploaded them to notability to study. Any diagrams were drawn on loose leaf paper and I just marked on the slide if there was a diagram drawn. Took a pic with my phone and would pop it into notability and then synced back with iPad mini. I got the iPad mini because it fits in your white coat pocket and I would use it during rotations. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Check NCCPA website about CME info. Also where you log in on the NCCPA website tells you how much you need and where to log but in a nutshell-- 100 CME every two years Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. So similar to your wife I took pance in December and also live in NC. Our school actually had us start the licensing process while we were in school so the only thing left was verification of education and pance scores. I started the licensing process in Nov and got my license in early January. Graduated in December from PA school. They are notorious for losing things so you may have to submit a few times (this happened with my pance scores). The SBI and fingerprinting being sent I think took a few weeks for mine to get done and another friend's took almost 2 months. Turned out they had sent her fingerprinting to a totally different office than the med board. If she just started the process in Jan it may take a few months. EDIT: I just realized you wrote background check. I think that took mine the longest too. I also made copies just in case of everything I sent in. Obviously it's up to the SBI etc at that point but it can take awhile. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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