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  1. Calvin Klein sheath dresses were my go to. A dress was easier for me to manage than finding a matshing blouse and pants. I get mine at Ross or in the sale section at Macy's/Dillards.
  2. Honestly, I prefer the anatomage table to the cadaver. I learned more from the table than in a cadaver lab. But in the end it's your decision. What is most important for you to have in school?
  3. When I interviewed I wore a nice blouse and a knee length calvin klein skirt with a blazer on to of it. Most guys will wear a nice pair of pants with a matching blazer and a dress shirt with a tie. Wear comfortable shoes because some schools do a campus tour as part of the interview day. Look professional, but don't be afraid of a little color or a fun tie! Best of luck!
  4. That sounds like alot! I thought that taking one a month was stressful! It sounds like you've been studying pretty hard. I felt that the Rosh review questions and Smarty Pance questions were great for a review. I scored pretty high on psych and gen surg using those resources combined with Pance prep pearls. Psych, gen surg, and Emergency medicine were among my highest scores. This guy has posted some study guides that might be helpful for a quick review. http://paeorstudyguides.com/eor-topics/
  5. I agree with the above posts. As well, be aware that some schools might not accepts basic organic chemistry as a prerequisite and some schools require O chem 2 or biochem. I'd reach out to some of the schools that you're applying to to be sure so that you don't waste more time or money. If you do retake O chem 1, I'd recommend getting a tutor.
  6. I just took the PANCE in June. I found that taking a longer break after every two sections was a great strategy for me. I was able to have a little snack and use the restroom. I got two nice breaks total and never felt fatigued (until the very end). Best of luck to you!
  7. I would 100% include the phlebotomy hours, the more PCE the better. My biggest challenge when I applied in 2016 was PCE hours. I had a similar GPA to yours.
  8. Take a deep breath. It happens. Don't let this bump in the road stop you. Make a study plan, look at your score report. What were the topics that you scored low in? Review those first. I recently took the PANCE in June and felt that the actual exam felt nothing like the EORs and the Packrat, so I spent the next week panicking because of it until my scores came out. I don't know about Exams in previous years, but I felt the 2019 PANCE was completely different from the practice questions from Rosh. I don't recall many questions with buzzwords and topics that I thought for sure would be on t
  9. It can take some time for the schools to go through your application after receiving it. Be patient. Best of luck!
  10. I've heard that people have had some success on indeed, so that might be a good resource. It won't hurt to send an email with a little about yourself with your plans to include PA school plans to some local PAs. If I weren't a new grad just starting in broward I'd let you shadow me! Best of luck!
  11. I don't think it's too late! I would go ahead and apply as long as your stats meet the school's requirements!
  12. Someone on the other thread said that they had credits from Doane accepted by Yale's online PA program. I haven't heard of any others that do or do not though. I would find some programs you are interested in applying to in the future and ask if they have any issue accepting credits before you go and shell out the money for those classes. Best of luck!
  13. I agree. You never know. One of my friends applied very late and was accepted to a program in a similar situation. If I were you I'd bite the bullet and apply to a few schools, you can't get an acceptance if you never try. Good luck!!!!!!!!!
  14. Our Program had a minimum score needed to pass. It was slightly different for each exam based on previous cohorts scores.
  15. Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University in Baton Rouge has a virtual Cadaver table
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