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  1. So if the name changes does occur. What would that mean for those that graduate as PAs. Do we get grandfathered in? Do we keep our PA titles? Do we get honorary degrees that allow us to be MP/GP/APPS/ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ? Or is this unknown as well?
  2. Thanks for answering my questions. Best of luck to you and please keep us up to date on your progress
  3. I seem to be in your exact shoes. Around the same age, in PA school with desires to go to medical school. Also share some of the same reasons on why I attended PA school instead of attempting medical school. After one year have you regretted it at all? Also did you only try to attend LECOM(did you take the MCAT, go back and take classes, etc)
  4. Is there a reason general practitioner isn’t on there? It’s personally one of my favorites.
  5. SR0525

    Opinion/advice needed

    I think I would have gone to medical school instead. A similar question was proposed at lunch one day with my classmates. The question was if you could get all your loans at that moment forgiven and drop out of PA school would you do it? At this point we were almost done with didactic. I said absolutely not. I invested way too much to just throw it away.
  6. SR0525

    Opinion/advice needed

    Same and I'm not even out of school yet. Based on your name being a mAb I would say you would enjoy pharmacy more lol
  7. SR0525

    Better for PANRE? Rosh vs Hippo

    I think HIPPO may be for you. They have lectures incorporated into their program. Rosh does have some videos and audio (murmurs, coughs) for questions but not every one. Rosh offers a paragraph explanation after each question. It’s nice for me to use during rotations since I just be learned all this in didactic.
  8. I’m not 100% sure. I know I applied to 2 that weren’t in CASPA
  9. Is it possible that you decide in a secondary application? I know a school when I was applying asked to specify in a secondary application. I also applied to a school not on CASPA. Wish I had an exact answer. If you don't get any answers on here call the program so they can clear it up. Good luck this application cycle
  10. SR0525

    JAAPA Article

    I still think in both instances the amount of biases and confounders would to be too great. Along with a costly study. I do not deny the validity, or lack there of, of a survey as opposed to a RCT. I do however, believe that a legitimate study that would hold up to scrutiny would be very hard to achieve.
  11. SR0525

    JAAPA Article

    I should have paid more attention in biostats. But wouldn’t it be unethical/ too hard to do a RCT and assign patients to providers? also a retrospective analysis may be too difficult. No way to know who had influence on their decision making. Again, I should have paid more attention so please let me know if I’m wrong.
  12. Interesting research. Thoughts anyone? Article name: Emergency physician evaluation of PA and NP Practice Patterns Results: "Regardless of experience level, NPs were reported to use significantly more resources than PAs." Conclusion: " Councilors reported great variation in PA and NP scope of practice. The results also suggest that new graduate PAs may be more clinically prepared to practice in the ED than a new graduate NP." Edit: I can post pictures of the article if needed
  13. SR0525

    PA to MD Bridge

    This is a solid question. Would have thrown me off for sure. What did you say? My first reaction is that it would change our medical education model to one similar to the UK.
  14. SR0525

    PA to MD Bridge

    Because only certified PAs can apply

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