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  1. I find this one hard because no amount of advice could predict whether or not this would happen. That being said, your girl friend/ wife HAS to support you through it. My current SO has been very supportive of my decision to pursue medical school after PA school/ working a year. Medical School or PA school, those with families do great because they know how to utilize their time. You will have time to spend with your family during your schooling but you will also have to sacrifice a lot. 200K of debt from your public university or 300k with private. Hopefully your wife would work so your loans would mostly be just tuition. You would be able to pay if off as a Physician with no problems. With your stats I believe you could get into a MD program somewhere and no doubt a DO program. You only favor the PA route due to shorter time commitment and +/- debt (PA school can be expensive). My opinion, go to medical school. PA school is a great career option and one that is great for many people but from what I've seen that you posted I think you would be happier as a physician.
  2. SR0525

    CCM fellowship after EM residency

    As an avid listener of podcasts myself, this seems really cool and the experience would help. Pulmcast has a PA host. I think it’s a great idea if you can afford it and are willing to work as a resident. Try calling St. Luke in PA. Their ER residency is combined with a CCM residency. They have the same 6 month rotations then diverged the last 6 months. Maybe your experience can mitigate the time investment.
  3. SR0525

    i think i failed the pance

    Trust in the process. You crushed EOREs!! And I’m sure you did fine on the PACKRAT. Just wait til next Thursday and reevaluate. All indicators suggest you passed
  4. SR0525

    i think i failed the pance

    Statistically speaking, you passed. 95% of all test takers pass.
  5. Case Western has a branch of their medical school that has been free for a couple years now. However, it is extremely based on research and dedicating yourself to research. Which is not all medical students. Im interested to hear the caveats to this, because it seems too good to be true. Not to mention COL expenses, especially in NY, you could potentially go to your state institution for cheaper. @EMfuturePA Crush the MCAT, get your ECs together and you'll be able to get into medical school whether its an MD/DO or "free tuition" NYU. I too plan to apply to medical school( 2020 cycle) feel free to reach out for encouragement!
  6. SR0525

    Trust in the medical field

    Largely your claim is based off that your assumption of race and minorities in PA admission is correct and that everyone that disagrees with you is wrong. With that, everyone who disagrees no longer take racism and discrimination seriously. The way I am interpreting what you have said is that anyone who disagrees with that assumption cannot look at a patient as a whole and be able to treat them. As @MT2PA has said, on my ER rotation or even my rural IM rotation, we took into account SES for each patient and treated them accordingly. We prescribed certain drugs to be affordable, explained their diagnosis, and helped as much as we could at the site of care.
  7. Disclaimer: this is not my thread. Pretty interesting / controversial thread over on reddit. What’re yalls thoughts?
  8. SR0525


    40 hours a week or X shifts per month? Also, good for both of y'all!
  9. SR0525


    Right, that is something to take into account. Neurosurgery and CT are the highest paying if I recall so seeing super high salaries there is more believable plus COL may also be higher. The salaries I am hearing are way closer to what their SP would be making. I appreciate your input!
  10. Currently on rotations and I’ve been talking to some classmates about what their preceptors make or claim to. I’ve started hearing some really high numbers and was wondering what is the highest salary any of you have ever received, heard or seen for a PA/NP. When I say high numbers, I mean close to or more than physician salary. Doing the math in my head it all just doesn’t add up to me.
  11. I lived that far from my school and most of my rotations have been able an hour commute. I personally enjoy it. I get time to decompress on my car rides and listen to podcasts or talk to friends. I had to wake up earlier or stay up later to study due to the loss of two hours. But saving the money is well worth it.
  12. SR0525

    More bridge programs?

    Yup only three sites in my area take males, the army hospital and two PC clinics that do a lot of women’s health.
  13. SR0525

    More bridge programs?

    Yeah, I wish it was different. But I’m trying to make the most of each rotation. Does it count if 1 week of my FM rotation is in patient . If anyone is willing to take me as a student for an inpatient rotation let me know
  14. SR0525

    More bridge programs?

    I misspoke then. I had a true ER rotation as well as a surgery (although much of it was in the clinic). I just don’t have an inpatient IM, FM, pediatric, or behavioral. I apologize for the misunderstanding. I wish I had those as inpatient. Other classmates do I just wasn’t fortunate enough to get them
  15. SR0525

    More bridge programs?

    Just came across that thread on reddit. Can confirm. I'll have no inpatient experience when I graduate.

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