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  1. SR0525

    LECOM Bridge Program

    Not OP but in a similar situation as you. I didn’t have these feelings until halfway through didactic which at that point would be pointless to drop out. ive decided to graduate, study while getting a job/ credentialing and take the MCAT. Work and enroll in my two extra classes and apply in 2020 feel free to PM as well
  2. Why quit at DO? Apply MD too. Its a numbers game. I plan to apply to all my state schools plus DO
  3. Wanted to bump this. Tried this for a second time on rotations to no avail. I use the saturated gauze technique. Is there a better alternative? Edit: currently in rural out patient IM so sole supplies are limited
  4. Still a student but when I saw a chest pain on my ER rotation and introduced myself I got “oh I must not be a very urgent patient” then continued to ask to be seen by a doctor only. She then proceeded to roll her eyes as my PA preceptor came in after I presented to him. so this may be because i am student but her initial reaction to my preceptor makes me think otherwise
  5. SR0525

    Job Outlook

    As a 24yo PA-S I haven’t found much of what you said to be true. The medical students im friends with interact with have more time than me and my classmates. I also see PAsworking just as long hours. The work life balance of a physician can be just as good if not better than a PA. The doctors I’ve interacted with on rotations take 3 week vacations 3 times a year or work 8 shifts a month. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of physicians work a ton but to make it a selling point for the PA career just doesn’t do it for me anymore. However, your mileage may vary this is just another anecdote on the internet.
  6. SR0525

    Job Outlook

    Yeah I am one of the straight From undergraduate PA students. My experiences were slim but I’m trying to make up for it by being proactive during rotations. I understand now why it was so important.
  7. SR0525

    Job Outlook

    This right here. The PA community often times likes to hide certain aspects of the career. It often gets shadowed by USA Today headlines “PA is number one career for the fifth year”. We hide it’s history and how that dictates the education. It was designed for experienced healthcare professionals not a 22 year old who worked as a CNA for 9 months. We hide the pitfalls. This along with what EMED is why they recommend against it. It took me a year of PA school to realize all of this and for me to decide I want to pursue medical school after. I could be happy as a PA too, but I think something would be missing. Being a PA is a great career but we have to be honest about many aspects of it.
  8. My program also offers PDF books. I used them a grand total of 3 times. the only book I used during didactic was PANCE Prep Pearls and even then that was rare. My mainstay was with power points that were provided. Any way you could ask upperclassmen what they did?
  9. I was gifted this on the last day of my ER rotation . It’s a great book
  10. For my supplemental applications or school specific essays I would read the missions and goals of the program and try to relate that back to my life. When I had to decide what school to attend I decided based on cost.
  11. The ER doc on my rotation showed me this the other day. We used saturated 2x2 gauze placed the in the nostrils and had them lay down and let it sit for 10 minutes. Didn't happen to help this particular patient but she swears by it.
  12. If it doesn’t make you more competitive don’t report it. It’s not mandatory. Only address if and when asked. Cause it will be asked. Thats just my 2 cents. Maybe some on an adcom can give you more insight.
  13. I’m not sure if there is a specific spot in the applications for a medical school acceptance. However, if they ask I think you should say you were admitted. Better to admit it and have an answer as opposed to a lie and get caught. Not saying it is a lie by omission.
  14. I don’t see anything particularly wrong with this article. Unless I’m overlooking something. The doctor should probably have had a pseudonym. Shame they lost their job over this

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