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  1. DO not go to OUM. LECOM is a much better alternative.
  2. Fair enough. Is anesthesiology basics taught in medical school and is a rotation required of students? is 12-18 months adequate without any prior experience to be on par with a CRNA or AA? I suppose you could argue there would be a lack of desire because if you liked anesthesiology you would have pursued a MD/DO, CRNA or AA already.
  3. I can only speak for myself but I know my education had zero anesthesiology management in it. I would find it difficult for a new grad PA to enter a 12 month residency with no prior experience to anesthesiology. That being said I have seen PA students rotate in anesthesiology. As well anecdotes of former PAs who worked in anesthesiology. Maybe a more veteran PA will be able to help answer this. I just find it to be a large obstacle for PAs given our education.
  4. I have a trip planned at the beginning of July to Italy. I think I’ll cancel because although things hopefully will be much better in July, I’m not certain things will be back to normal.
  5. In a market with increasing difficulty of being hired CAQs +/- DMSc may be necessary. I would posit that it could be difficult in the future to argue why you would be a better candidate for a job against an NP that's education was dedicated in that particular field. "A CAQ certified PA is no better than an equivalent experienced PA IMO" I think that statement speaks volumes. Because it would still be difficult for the non CAQ PA to get a job given that fact that their experience is only in that particular field.
  6. Right, it seems worth just applying to APAP and the traditional 3 year primary care track at the same time if the 4 year slots are being offered. I appreciate your first hand knowledge and insight to the situation.
  7. Which is exactly why the interviee I know turned down their slot for the 4 year track. That’s the entire premise of it being appealing. Which is why I don’t understand why they offered 4 year slots and not 3 year primary care especially if the APAP applicant is interested in primary care. never too late to go back! But sounds like your gig right now is great!
  8. From how it was conveyed to me from an interviewee was that he wasn’t interested in the program, didn’t speak highly of it or their 3 year primary care track for traditional students. Because if they’re offering 4 year slots to APAP why not offer them the 3 year primary care track as well? regardless this is all hearsay, no one knows exactly. But looking at expanding the program comes down to money. Which all things do. Why offer more 3 year slots when you can offer 4 year slots and generate more money?
  9. Side bar: I wouldn’t be surprised if LECOM shut down their bridge. My communication with current students and people who interviewed there haven’t been good as of recently. The new chair/ who ever is in charge of APAP, is offering a lot of APAP candidates 4 year slots instead of seats in the APAP.
  10. Here is a well written post by a PA on r/medicine in response to all the recent negative posts on Reddit. I thought it was well spoken and researched.
  11. Did anyone say to show up without making money? If you're referring to don't work for salary, I believe you're intentionally misinterpreting it. And as @LT_Oneal_PAC said it is different. That being said, do they actually enjoying putting in those hours? I don't understand why you're being so combative over this concept of working 90 hours a week.
  12. Right, sometimes it sounds like having your own policy on top your employers can protect you without having tail. I need to reach out to a insurance company
  13. Yeah it appears the max in my state is 5 if the harm is delayed, otherwise its 2. One year for foreign objects left in surgery.
  14. Does anyone know how long one would need to have tail coverage for? Or does statute of limitations vary by state?
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