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  1. Oh great. This is fantastic. I just signed up for Medscape’s. I’ll look into these after work today. I was disqualified from a survey earlier since I haven’t worked long enough.
  2. How long did it take before you were offered to do surveys? I signed up after seeing your post and others on reddit. Not a bad way to spend a morning drinking coffee and doing a quick survey.
  3. I think this is a solid idea. If you really want to be in the ER and are unable to get a job straight up as a PA deciding to do a year long 60k fellowship is the next best thing. Having the residency under your belt should open plenty of doors. Then getting your DMSc since it aligns with a residency.
  4. I forgot they switched to a scaled score. Does your program send you the raw score? I think that would be much more helpful. If not just compare yourself to the average scaled score which should be given on a score report or posted by the PAEA
  5. LECOM offers a 3 year PA to DO bridge. That topic has been discussed a lot on here. If you search "LECOM" or "APAP" most of the threads should populate. Otherwise you it appears you listed all of them. Obviously you could add education in there with its respective progressions as well as our national organizations.
  6. Medical schools are moving away from required prereqs. Now these schools do have "recommended course work" which may be a euphemism for prerequisite. Two off the top of my head are Vandy and Wake.
  7. My understanding is there a pushback on the 3 year programs. The old guard looks down on them cause they went through 4 years and hate to see others that did not do the same. However, in my circumstance I hope the schools i apply to all change to 3 years.
  8. So start calcium replacement through the IV and check magnesium levels. In terms of how to replete the calcium I'd have to check uptodate but you have to be careful doing it. Edit: I'd also be calling the ICU/ hospitalist cause this guy is being admitted.
  9. Rhabdo secondary to statin therapy with AKI?
  10. CMP, Lactate, BNP, Troponin, coags and d-dimer I would like a tox and drug screen and what medications is his on/what comorbid conditions does he have?
  11. Agreed above he needs intubated. How is he on PE? Any murmurs? How do his lungs sound? Does he have a white count?
  12. I got my hands on a few First Aid Clerkship books that medical students use to study for their rotations as adjunct to my study materials. It is obvious the PAEA mimics what the med students are expected to learn for our EOREs but the depth that they go into isn't even close to what PA students are expected to learn. I was also given a step 1 book from a current medical student and after flipping through it I don't see how any PA student could be expected to pass Step 1. We learn practically none of that while in PA school. From my understanding Step 2 would be more realistic test for us to compare since its more clinical based. But I'm not saying I could pass that right now either.
  13. Correct me if I’m wrong, can’t an BC ER physician work in an outpatient setting. I know they can do UC but I think I remember reading they can run their own clinic as well. Also from what I’ve read on Reddit. For Pediatric ER they like to see their respective residency with the other in fellowship form. I’ve read stuff about the ER/IM stuff on Reddit but it has sense left my brain. I thought it would be cool cause of the Implications on becoming an intensivist.
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