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  1. Obviously everyone's experience will be different but this is something I came to realize about my place of work before leaving to go to medical school. I was quickly hired after graduating and had a great training environment with gradual increases of autonomy. However, as time went on I slowly watched everything I had work toward disappear. Management was able to find new graduates to fill the spots of PAs who were fired, laid off, or decided to leave. And thus the cycle continues.
  2. The white coat investor is pushing a refinancing company who is extending 0% interest an additional 6 months. It is possible for you to refinance to a lower interest rate?
  3. I had the same concerns as you and decided to go onto medical school. I see that you’re concerned about a MCAT of 500. While it may inhibit you from applying MD, you can certainly apply DO with that score.
  4. Thank you! I love the reaction of some of my friends when I tell them I do not get any less schooling because of my PA background. The loss of income is something my spouse and I have discussed many of times but given my age + their job we will quickly make up for it.
  5. Enjoy the retirement life. I’ve had a few conversations with my classmates already about PAs and they seemed receptive. My program has an accompanying PA program. If it isn’t implemented already I hope to advocate for interprofessional training/ classes for the med and PA students
  6. I saw my last patient as a PA this afternoon. It wasn't anything special just a routine one year follow up. The feeling I had was as a similar feeling I experienced when I saw my last patient as a PA student. It's an odd feeling that words don't describe all too well. I had a feeling of sadness and excitement at the same time. This was simply a chapter ending in my life and a new one was about to start. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time practicing as a PA. I had made fantastic relationships with patients and had the privilege to be able to treat. I also formed very close relationships with all the staff in my office. These are all things I had to walk away from in order to go to medical school. Wanting to attend medical school was not a switch that turned on overnight. It is something I struggled with throughout my time in PA school. After spending hours scouring PA forum, reddit, and discussion with peers I had come to conclusion that it as something I wanted to do. I poured over MCAT material one week after taking the PANCE. I juggled taking prerequisite courses and working full time with call days. It has been a long year of applications and when I was just beginning to lose hope and start my reapplication I finally received my first and only acceptance. I was over the moon. I had finally done it, everything I had worked for had paid off. I wouldn't change my journey to medical school at all. For me, it took being a PA for me to fully realize that this was what I wanted in life. I will forever be thankful to my first career as a PA. I have learned invaluable skills in patient care and the dynamic of a healthcare team. I hope to continue to be an active member of this forum, even more active than I have been the past year, and to continue to be an advocate for PAs.
  7. Wasnt aware of an attrition issues with APAP. Do you know the attrition rate?
  8. Currently a PA in the application process! Feel free to message me with any questions. Hoping to get an acceptance this cycle.
  9. I was speaking to a LECOM student a year or so ago. I believe that they told me APAP students usually get lower priority on LECOM rotation sites so a lot of them set their own up.
  10. I was today years old when I learned that AAs have an apostrophe.
  11. If you make it through the weed out processes they put in place, you still have a long way to go correct. That’s why it would be better to go DO. Much higher match rate as well as more opportunity
  12. Carib big 4 SABA Ross AUC St. George None of which are as competitive as any US DO school like you said.
  13. Just read Joseph Costa's page and talk about impressive.
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