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  1. Can’t speak for their new PANCE material but their MCAT material was crucial in my studies. Great test company
  2. APAP website 1 semester of physics and OCHEM are required. MCAT can be accepted but if your college GPA and college admissions tests are high enough you can waive the MCAT. Same goes with their regular admissions too I believe.
  3. This is exactly what I have heard recently too about the program. The three year DO is what makes the program attractive for PAs
  4. I've spoken with current students and someone who just interviewed with them and they didn't have great things to say. I still find it to be very attractive for students like you. The one less year is attractive as well as no MCAT. I self studied to a competitive MCAT score and if your GPA is above 3.0 you could find a seat at a MD school if you apply broad enough.
  5. ***mod edit to remove survey options*** who came up with that one?! I was taken aback when I read it
  6. School B appears to be the cheaper option. It also appears to cause the least amount of personal strain (not moving, easier on the SO). Your program will not help you on a residency application. Only grades will do that.
  7. South university is a non profit. They were for profit previously. south college is for profit. Both entities are separate. For profit institutes follow the same accreditation process as every other school. South university main campus in Savannah’s program is one the most established PA schools in the south east with I believe 20+ classes of PAs graduated.
  8. FWIW the DPT is a relatively new degree. There are plenty of Master level PTs practicing. It’s degree creep that is being seen in many other fields I.e AUD, DNP, the new DMSc. Also, I’ve compared my credit hours for my program compared to other DPT programs in my state and my credit exceeded all of the DPT programs. The doctorate level degree did not advance their practice or scope it’s a superfluous title that only obscured the field of medicine to patients. I don’t find that point in your post to very convincing. I do find your point about the differences in PA vs PT to be compelling. They are completely different fields which makes the comparison very hard
  9. I work UC on an as needed basis and my full time job is in a complete different field. The problem I found with urgent care at first was deciding who I could comfortably send home. You don’t have the tools and support staff you do at an ER. When I was in my training phase I brought it up to the PA who i was training with and they told me in their opinion it’s a common misconception a PA should start in urgent care then go to ER. That being said the urgent care I work in sees a volume of about 20-30 patients a day. We are in a rural area so acuity can be high. A physician and a PA split the work. I think if you find a good urgent care gig you’d be pretty happy given your previous experience.
  10. Oh great. This is fantastic. I just signed up for Medscape’s. I’ll look into these after work today. I was disqualified from a survey earlier since I haven’t worked long enough.
  11. How long did it take before you were offered to do surveys? I signed up after seeing your post and others on reddit. Not a bad way to spend a morning drinking coffee and doing a quick survey.
  12. I think this is a solid idea. If you really want to be in the ER and are unable to get a job straight up as a PA deciding to do a year long 60k fellowship is the next best thing. Having the residency under your belt should open plenty of doors. Then getting your DMSc since it aligns with a residency.
  13. I forgot they switched to a scaled score. Does your program send you the raw score? I think that would be much more helpful. If not just compare yourself to the average scaled score which should be given on a score report or posted by the PAEA
  14. LECOM offers a 3 year PA to DO bridge. That topic has been discussed a lot on here. If you search "LECOM" or "APAP" most of the threads should populate. Otherwise you it appears you listed all of them. Obviously you could add education in there with its respective progressions as well as our national organizations.
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