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  1. There is a whole school of thought that the MD/DO divide is useless and DOs should convert to MDs. They already merged residencies. A big reason why it hasn't happened is because some DO schools won't meet the LCME criteria their MD counterparts have to. This would likely fall under the same umbrella. A bridge from PA--medical school is more a better idea than adding an "equivalent". Fun thought exercise however.
  2. Multiple PAs in one class? That would be nice. That would be an interesting study. There seems to be an increase in PAs applying from what I have seen on here and on reddit. Do it and see if you can get published lol. Your dream world scenario isn't too far off. I don't see medical school having the same length for much longer. Most classes are recorded and students are learning through outside resources anyway. My program recently completed a renovation of our entire building for most classes to have 1/6 of the student body attend. I don't see why a majority of medical school can't be hybrid with on campus relating to physical exam things.
  3. First bolded statement: if thats not the truest statement about first year of medical school, I dont know what is. Second bolded: On top of the MCAT score, the ECs and research opportunities that you can't get because you're working a full time job. To add: a thought i have about more PA-MD/DO bridges won't happen. There isn't a shortage of applicants to medical school. Not many schools would want to forego an extra year of tuition.
  4. Largely a lurker on there. Doesn't seem to worth trying to change minds or even conversate. Working on changing the minds of some of my classmates though.
  5. Please reach out if you want me to look over any part of your application and keep us all updated!
  6. Yeah, I was able to get off a waitlist a few weeks before my program started. Just a few more weeks of my first semester. Crazy how time flies. Best of luck to you as things go on. Its nice that you have an MCAT score now. If you don't get in this cycle you'll be able to submit early this coming summer which is super beneficial.
  7. Did you end up finding a seat in med school? Also, the idea of doing the 4 year program after applying for APAP puzzles me because IIRC LECOM also has a 3 year traditional Primary Care track for premeds. Why not give them a slot there too.
  8. Every program comes with its woes. I see similar short comings at my MD institution and at my former PA school. However, my friend who interviewed with APAP kind of alluded to the fact that new person running APAP wasn't a fan of the program. They ended being offered a 4 year seat instead of an APAP seat.
  9. The way the original posts read, or the way interpreted was that you submitted in September. Early August is okay, but always could be sooner.
  10. One thing that I haven't seen mentioned is you applied relatively late. Finishing applications in September puts you at a disadvantage. You should try to complete ASAP.
  11. I believe we had an IMG--PA member a few years ago. Unsure if they are still active. Anyone else remember/ know if that user is active?
  12. Im not sure what percent it was. I was given a quote when I asked about tail coverage.
  13. I paid a little north of 2K for mine when I left a job after 2 years.
  14. I dont make my own cards. I largely use those made by my classmates. I find the cloze deletion and image occlusion add ons to by helpful. Anki is something you have to keep up with for it to be really useful. you could try downloading the anking deck and search by tags to get to info that you are currently learning.
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