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  1. PAsPreMed

    PA to MD Bridge

    I got my hands on a few First Aid Clerkship books that medical students use to study for their rotations as adjunct to my study materials. It is obvious the PAEA mimics what the med students are expected to learn for our EOREs but the depth that they go into isn't even close to what PA students are expected to learn. I was also given a step 1 book from a current medical student and after flipping through it I don't see how any PA student could be expected to pass Step 1. We learn practically none of that while in PA school. From my understanding Step 2 would be more realistic test for us to compare since its more clinical based. But I'm not saying I could pass that right now either.
  2. PAsPreMed

    Lecom Apap Graduates

    Correct me if I’m wrong, can’t an BC ER physician work in an outpatient setting. I know they can do UC but I think I remember reading they can run their own clinic as well. Also from what I’ve read on Reddit. For Pediatric ER they like to see their respective residency with the other in fellowship form. I’ve read stuff about the ER/IM stuff on Reddit but it has sense left my brain. I thought it would be cool cause of the Implications on becoming an intensivist.
  3. PAsPreMed

    Choosing Between Two Schools

    The cheaper total cost for sure.
  4. Isn’t there a California school that allows you to get both?
  5. To add on to this. I read something once that as a medical professional it’s your duty to pass on what you’ve learned to be next generation. Really stuck with me and I hope to one day be able to precept students.
  6. PAsPreMed

    em photo quiz( occasional series)

    3rd degree heart block?
  7. PAsPreMed

    em photo quiz( occasional series)

    Preceptor and I couldn’t figure it out. obviously our attention was to the disappearing QRS on the rhythm strip
  8. PAsPreMed

    Med student to Pa?

    Want to switch seats? But seriously finish out you could very well change your mind once you start clinical rotations. That’s where it’ll get fun. It would be hard to convince an Adcom you wanted to go to PA school cause you weren’t passionate about medical school.
  9. One can hope. But too much money to be lost in abridged medical school.
  10. Oh study for the MCAT you have plenty of time. I started school at the same age as well. Didn’t take but 9 months before my entire mind set changed
  11. I think it’s also important to consider is are you a competitive MD/DO candidate. Generally from what I have I have seen a competitive PA candidate is usually on par with a DO candidate in terms of GPA. When do you start PA school? Cause ideally could study for the MCAT the next three months and see if you’re score is competitive. You can apply without completing all prereqs. My stance is pretty obvious. Either way you’ll have a great career.
  12. PAsPreMed

    Apartment for PA school

    Loans, loans and loans. You'll probably have the show the apartment that you are receiving X amount in loans to prove that you'll be able to pay. Congratulations on your acceptance
  13. You say this now but how long will you be okay with this? Eventually you'll be a seasoned PA and potentially have an SP who is 20 years you're younger. The program I am in had almost exact prereqs as Medical schools. I know most of the medical schools I am looking at take biochem as an exception for Ochem2. YMMV I agree. I was three months into my program before I thought "wow I really should have gone to medical school". I saw a post yesterday on reddit about a PA who said they should have gone the extra 15 months, then signed up for a residency and still wished they had 18 more months of a residency. Through my schooling, experiences, and my discussions with PAs my advice to you is go to medical school.
  14. Currently they are all the same. But once the Doctorate of Medical Science degree becomes more popular that will be the best degree to have.

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