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  1. PAsPreMed

    New DMSc program in Oregon

    Or even a rotation in essential oil medicine
  2. PAsPreMed

    New DMSc program in Oregon

    Attempted to make that point on reddit. However, no one wanted to listen to the public perception argument for the progression.
  3. PAsPreMed

    New DMSc program in Oregon

    So did no other program in the state also qualify for this before this program?
  4. Not aware of PA to MD bridge. There is a PA to DO bridge at LECOM. Plenty of posters here have completed it and love it. Try searching the forum to see the older posts. In my opinion it is great however I can't justify the move across the country for one less year so I will not be applying to LECOM.
  5. This. Residency will set you apart not only from NPs but your classmates. Also join you state PA association as well as AAPA. I know my program has representatives that go to conferences. You could be active in those.
  6. I was accepted off the waitlist to my current program. It's a process you just have to wait out. The only advice I would give is update if you're accruing HCE/PCE. It will keep your name fresh in their mind.
  7. PAsPreMed

    CAQ questions

    I agreed OTP is important in terms of making us more attractive to hire. I also think CAQ are important to help mitigate NPs specializing as well (I.e ERNP, ACNP, psych NP).
  8. PAsPreMed

    Rosh Vs. HIPPO med recommendations?

    From my understanding HIPPO is like a course while Rosh is only a question bank. So I think it depends on how you failed and what you need to work on. If you lack content I think HIPPO would be better for you but if you had test anxiety and struggled with vignettes Rosh is your answer.
  9. PAsPreMed

    Need some reassurance about PANCE

    I don't know about how many questions you need to get right in order to pass. I do know that 95% of people pass it on the first try. Statistically you passed. If you did fine throughout schooling and passed EORs you should have nothing to worry about. Just wait until next Thursday when scores are released to get anxious. Congratulations on graduating!
  10. PAsPreMed

    LECOM APAP undecided....

    For what it’s worth, the AMA said today that they will view the USMLE and COMLEX equally too. Which was a big concern for DOs going into the new match.
  11. PAsPreMed

    Lecom Apap Graduates

    I thought it was 6 had to go either women’s health, FM, IM or peds.
  12. Still a student so this all should be taken with a grain of salt. I wouldn’t and a lot of my classmates say if they could go back they wouldn’t do it again. I plan to apply to medical school and if that fails apply for a residency. Who knows if that happens though cause life has a way of changing things.
  13. I find this one hard because no amount of advice could predict whether or not this would happen. That being said, your girl friend/ wife HAS to support you through it. My current SO has been very supportive of my decision to pursue medical school after PA school/ working a year. Medical School or PA school, those with families do great because they know how to utilize their time. You will have time to spend with your family during your schooling but you will also have to sacrifice a lot. 200K of debt from your public university or 300k with private. Hopefully your wife would work so your loans would mostly be just tuition. You would be able to pay if off as a Physician with no problems. With your stats I believe you could get into a MD program somewhere and no doubt a DO program. You only favor the PA route due to shorter time commitment and +/- debt (PA school can be expensive). My opinion, go to medical school. PA school is a great career option and one that is great for many people but from what I've seen that you posted I think you would be happier as a physician.
  14. PAsPreMed

    CCM fellowship after EM residency

    As an avid listener of podcasts myself, this seems really cool and the experience would help. Pulmcast has a PA host. I think it’s a great idea if you can afford it and are willing to work as a resident. Try calling St. Luke in PA. Their ER residency is combined with a CCM residency. They have the same 6 month rotations then diverged the last 6 months. Maybe your experience can mitigate the time investment.

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