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  1. I just gave up my seat in the next class. I hope someone gets pulled off the active list quickly!
  2. Has anyone recently (last 2wks) received their hard copy acceptance letter in the mail yet with the form that needs to be returned within 10days? I haven't yet and am concerned it may have gotten lost in the mail.
  3. My group didn't get acceptance calls until almost 5wks after our interview date. Rejection is through email. Not sure how many seats are left, but I believe I was in the 4th or 5th interview group in November.
  4. I will most likely be giving up my slot for a Jan 9 interview. Been accepted at my top choice.
  5. When are the background checks due back? Doesn't say on the form.
  6. Received rejection email today. Verified 07/22 Under review 9/6
  7. Amen. Does anyone else's heart skip a beat every time you see a new post has been made in these forums?
  8. Did anyone else get another email today about admissions committee taking longer and we should be patient and possibly reapply next cycle?
  9. Invited for an interview on January 9th! OnTrack verified: 8/2
  10. Has anyone been wait listed or denied? Feeling pretty down right now about not hearing anything yet.
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