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  1. So for my class, the earliest we could take the PANCE was a week after our official graduation. The exam is really offered everyday, but it will depend on the number of testing centers in your area. You register for a testing seat station, so if you don't have a lot of options or don't want to commute then it might be more difficult. It is administered online. You can apply for a seat 90 days before your graduation date. Find out when you can submit the paperwork through your program and be the first to apply! Also, if you require special accommodation it will take an extra couple weeks to get approved, so maybe start working on the supporting paperwork now. If not needed then ignore this bit.
  2. As a student who scored well on EOR and PACKRAT, I just need to say that this year the PANCE seemed much harder. I scored lower on my actual than compared to my predicted in Rosh Review. My only reason for posting this is to encourage people to recognize if you have circumstances out of your control, it is okay to take a step back and reschedule your PANCE or request Special Accommodation if you can qualify. PANCE is a make it or break it moment. You REALLY want to be in the best spot to take it. I myself found out due to outside circumstances I needed to reschedule my PANCE. I also applied for Special Accommodations. We often think of ourselves as superheros, but even PA students and PA graduates are people too! Just remember everything will work out okay as long as you realize your limitations but also give it your best shot to succeed! Good luck and stay positive! Sincerely, A Fellow PA-C
  3. Thank you, everyone! I figured I'd have to pay for a second one. I was just hoping to save a little money. Alas, a girl can dream. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hello Future PAs! I was accepted to a school back in November. I paid the deposit and background check, but now I have decided to go somewhere else. My question is if I have a copy of the FBI background check I did for another school, will I have to pay for a second background check? I've called the school and they've told me all my questions will be answered during orientation, but that isn't til March.
  5. Have you thought about maybe living close your family, but still separate? I applied to Wayne but my interviewer was less-than-friendly, so overall I wasn't impressed with their interview process. I am going to Central instead. Wayne is great because of the cost. I'd go simply for that reason. You can easily get an apartment for pretty cheap and from what they explained at the interview the areas right around the university were very safe. You could just do it for the didactic year. Clinical year is a little different as you probably will be moving a lot, so living and commuting from home might better your second year. Maybe explain to your parents you feel staying at home will distract you from your studies, and that it will only be for the one year. =)
  6. Accepted! I was starting to loose hope! Can't wait to meet the rest of the accepted students and good luck to all those still waiting or are thinking of applying this upcoming year!!
  7. For accepted students, how long has it taken you to get the background check and fingerprinting done? The cost of the package itself was $130 and I'm looking at another $20 to just get the fingerprints done. I bought the package yesterday and will have my fingerprints postmarked before the deadline but it won't be reflected I'm assuming until after.
  8. Right there with you! Though, I know some of the students in the previous cohort did not hear until after Thanksgiving! I'm not counting myself out until the beginning of next week, as right now is considered a short holiday break.
  9. Has anyone else heard anything? Or know of someone who has heard of something regarding acceptances etc? Doesn't sound like too many invites have been extended.
  10. I'll be calling on Monday. I received an acceptance to another university and am wondering if I should pay the deposit to reserve my seat.
  11. How many people were at the interviews on October 28th and November 4th? Were there any other interview days? There was about 12-14 on my interview day of October 29th. I'm curious because the faculty said they were interviewing about 120 people for 40 slots, but I've only counted 3 interview dates.
  12. Anyone interviewing at St. Croix on November 4th? If so where are you staying? I talked to Seana and she said most students book hotels on the north end. I'm trying to be safe and figure having a fellow student there with me to explore the island would be better than completely alone! =)
  13. Is anyone familiar with the area? I was wondering the best place/cheapest to stay near the university. I'll be flying down the 6th if anyone is interested in meeting up beforehand to sight see the area!
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