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  1. I am in the same situation except I applied to the Miami campus. I have called multiple times and each time they tell me the same thing. That as soon as my status changes, whether that be rejection or interview invite, I will hear something via email. But I also was told they are only doing interviews through the end of April.
  2. Still patiently waiting. Haven’t heard anything about an interview invite or a rejection. Anyone else in the same boat?
  3. I just called and they said they are having two interviews in April. I asked when the latest is we could expect to hear about an interview invite or rejection and they said late April/early May at the latest.
  4. Does anyone know how much longer they are doing interviews? I still haven’t heard back about either an interview invite or rejection. The last I heard was late summer about my application being complete and in review. I’ve called multiple times though to check on things.
  5. On July 21 I received an email that my application was being processed. I have not heard anything else since then. I have called multiple times and every time I get the same response, “When your status changes, whether invited for an interview or not admitted, you will hear from us via email.” So, I guess no news is good news? However, I’ve basically given up hope on that. I applied to the Miami campus.
  6. Received an email today 9/25 at 3:40pm ET that I did not get invited for an interview. Best of luck to everyone else!
  7. I go to the exact same email! I also got one from Touro in Nevada. Way to play with our emotions. I was so excited.
  8. Did they change their prerequisites from last year? I guess it's my fault for not looking but I just got an email saying I am missing Developmental Psychology and a second English course and I didn't realize they required that. I could have sworn they didn't last year. I obviously wouldn't apply to a school I don't meet requirements for. :/
  9. I think they generally like a higher science but who knows. My science is horrid. Thank you organic II. And I believe the average age of applicants all over is around 27 so no worries!
  10. Last year I believe the last interview date was 12/12 according to the forum.
  11. Not good lol I honestly just applied without being prepared and didn't submit until October. And they are still on the low end. Last year: Cumulative GPA: 3.1 Sciece: 2.8 Hours: Around 100 (Told you it was bad lol) This year my GPAs have slightly improved to around 3.2 and 3.0. I have almost 1000 hours now
  12. I applied last year and didn't get a rejection until December 16 and did not have an interview.
  13. I'm really sweating. Had everything finished 6/9... :(
  14. I called about an hour ago and spoke with Michael regarding my status. He said I am still in review and that they haven't selected or rejected me for an interview yet. He said there is a pool of people that they are still deciding on for interviews and those decisions should be made towards the end of August.
  15. I just called admissions to check on my status and they said I am still under review. I submitted my secondary and was marked complete June 13. I guess no news is better than bad news?
  16. So, my secondary application says Application Complete but I never got an email saying it was under review. Should I call them and check or just take the Application Complete as a sign it's under review?
  17. Congratulations! Would you mind posting your stats?
  18. I got my confirmation email today but they said I was missing my GRE scores and some courses. I sent them course descriptions and those were accepted and taken care of. I sent me GRE in April and they said it still had not been matched to my application? I find that odd but they said they will update me.
  19. Submitted CASPA June 8 CASPA Verified June 12 Rosalind Franklin app complete June 15 Rejection email today, July 13
  20. Just go to my rejection email about 5 minutes ago. Good luck to everyone else!
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