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  1. To those who have received interviews: when was your CASPA verified and your Merlin application postmarked as completed? Thank you!! Last news I heard was the screening for my application was complete and my file is forwarded to admissions for further review! Best of luck to everyone applying this cycle! :)
  2. I was told by the Graduate college that once you submit the supplemental, the admissions committee will retrieve all of those documents from CASPA. Your observation hours should have already been reported to CASPA. It still says CASPA not received - I called and was told that they are still reviewing May and June applications and will update the status once they go over your application. I just wanted to clarify because I was so confused as to why they never received it, but that's how it's done over there. Hope this helps! & good luck!
  3. Great story! I did a flashback on my experience for my first day as a medical scribe and I had to document a code blue. Best of luck on your endeavors. You will make a great medical professional! :)
  4. Status of Midwestern application has been complete on August 2nd. I received an email today that my application is on hold for a potential interview invite. What are the chances? I'm praying I land one!
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