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  1. It may be due to the fact that it is a secret group. Are you in the combined cohort group for all three campuses? That's how I was added.
  2. During my interview, I had asked the faculty about the upcoming accreditation and what would happen if the school was put on probation. They said that we would essentially be grandfathered in, allowed to finish our two years AND still be able to sit for the PANCE.
  3. I have just declined my acceptance to Nova Ft. Myers for admission into a school closer to home. I hope this helps someone on the waitlist :)
  4. Hey everyone! I interviewed this past Friday (1/20) at the Miami campus and was extremely impressed with the program! Dr. Fien stated that only about half the class is filled and the waitlist is virtually empty. I hope this helps all who are curious about seats remaining and best of luck to everyone!
  5. I received an invite today for an interview at the Miami campus! I'm looking forward to meeting you all! :) CASPA Verified: 8/1 Processing email: 12/5 Interview invite: 12/13 Interview: 1/20
  6. I believe that some people have already interviewed and have gotten accepted at USF. Hopefully, we all will hear something soon from FSU either way!
  7. I submitted August 1st to Miami so I guess they just hit our portion of the application pile!
  8. As far as I know, I don't think there is a supplemental solely because we would have received it by now. The only accessory requirements to the normal application were the PCE verification forms that had to be submitted.
  9. Hi everyone! Has anyone heard from FSU yet? I know it's early in December but I'm curious as to how soon they'll start interview invitations this month. Best of luck! :)
  10. Interestingly enough, CASPA required assignment of a Genetics course to complete the program materials for Campbell for some reason. Either way, it definitely can't hurt...I hope, haha.
  11. Does anyone know if CU extends interview invites to those with outstanding pre-reqs? I'm in the progress of taking Genetics and will be finished next month. I submitted my supplemental at the end of August, received confirmation emails at the beginning of September and I haven't heard anything since. I'm hoping this is pre-req related and not some imminent bad news!
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