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  1. Got my acceptance call on Thursday!! May cannot come soon enough.
  2. Yes I received the email yesterday with the interview details. What group are you in? I'm in Group A. Look forward to meeting everyone!
  3. Is this for the Class starting January 2018? I received an email saying to sign up for an interview but my email did not have a link. Did anyone else have this problem or know how I can get to the site so I can sign up? Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, figured I would start a forum for LEC. I have an interview coming up on 9/23, looking forward to the interview and meeting everyone else!
  5. Hello everyone- I have an upcoming interview at LEC and was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on how the interview process was? Also does anyone recall how many people were at your interview? Thanks in advance!!
  6. Interviewing on 8/31!! I'm coming from Michigan and will be in the area from 8/27-9/1 if anyone would like to meet up please feel free to contact me. Congrats to everyone so far on the interviews :)
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