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  1. Hey I’m curious, what were your stats getting into UT PA? 

  2. Congrats what number were you on the list. I got accepted on friday
  3. Are you a transfer student I applied as a transfer student. I also called him multiple times today and they said they have not come up with a decision now I don't know do they mean that's a denial or wait list for me
  4. So how long do you have to attend as a transfer student is it one year less than the regular students two years last can you tell me
  5. As a transfer student do you have to attend two years or three years of the physician assistant
  6. As a transfer student will it be 2 years or three years for you
  7. Congrats ...yes she hasn't updated the list yet.
  8. hey guys, i got rachels phone call today. im in. good luck to all. i was on the waiting list.
  9. What makes you think that the first 10 will make it into the class. Do you have any people you know that I've dropped it I I would appreciate your help
  10. hi, i had the same query. i have not received anything yet either, im not sure if i will receieve a denial, acceptance or a waitlist. so worried. happy holidays
  11. good work, im waiting for her response. i also got the packet today.
  12. Did you get an email from them. Everyone gone either a waitlist or an acceptance email on the 14th of December did you not get an email from them
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