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  1. I got accepted on the 20th of January, but I will be declining seat, hopefully it will give someone an opportunity to pursue their dreams.
  2. Please when is the deadline for the Fasfa application? The website is not so clear with the information.
  3. By everything I mean, after I submitted all of part A and after the background check was passed. I got accepted around November ending.
  4. It took about one week for my State to pass.I didn't get any comfirmation email utill everything was submitted.
  5. Me too. I can't wait to met the class of 2020. We gonna do great!!
  6. Congratulations Vittoria!! I don't know of any Facebook page yet.
  7. Great! I am glad you are almost done with the process. I am not sure what brand of iPad they will be providing us.
  8. Writing samples is hard to prepare for , so I advise you think of a wind range of issues,event or stories about yourself. Ones that may desmostrate sad, happy, regretful, joyful, thankful, difficult moments for you. Good luck with the interview and don't forget to be yourself. Good luck!! Lemme know if you have any other questions.
  9. Please don't be nervous. There might be good news on the way
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