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  1. As a current student, I want to echo what my classmate above mentioned about the UC Davis program. Yes, it was shocking for us to learn about the low pass rate, and it was and has been a concern for many of the current students. However, administration and faculty have been working diligently to address this issue by changing the curriculum in areas that prior cohorts felt were areas of weakness. No program is perfect, but I really appreciate the transparency and support the faculty has provided us at this institution. Lastly, as mentioned above, the program curriculum does align with what is expected on the PANCE. In addition, our curriculum does incorporate the diagnostic model, where we are presented with the disease and its pathophysiology in which we learn the clinical findings, develop a differential, and learn evidence-based treatment courses. On top of this, our program fosters team-based learning in weekly cases in both our medicine and pharmacology courses. Your comment about our program being housed in the nursing school actually saddens me. Whether or not this program is housed under the school of medicine or the school of nursing is not the concern. Rather than further create a divide between our professions, nursing vs PA vs MD/DO, we should be fostering interprofessional learning and discussion that accurately depicts real clinical practice. To be honest, nursing school should NOT be given the reputation you implied, "they don't know how to teach within the diagnostic model that is required for PA's and MD's." The nurses in our cohort are some of the smartest and sincerest people I have ever met. I have learned an invaluable amount of clinical, diagnostic, and practical knowledge from each and every one of them, and the program would be so different without their presence.
  2. I just started PA school, so the earliest I can apply is in 2 years. I was just curious if there were any new ones that popped up
  3. Hi everyone, I am interested in Dermatology and would like to pursue a fellowship after graduation. To my knowledge, there is a fellowship at Wisconsin Medical College. Are there any others out there or any new ones in the pipeline? Thank you!
  4. Accepted with scholarship! Congrats to everyone!!!
  5. No word yet either. The wait is killing me :c
  6. On the instructions they attached to the secondary invite, it says: "2. At this time, you are not required to upload transcripts or letters of recommendation, as this will be done internally using documents previously provided in CASPA or NCAS. Official transcripts submitted through CAPSA and NCAS must include verification that your bachelor's degree was awarded. Applicants admitted to the program are required to send official transcripts from each institution attended. If admitted, you will be provided with instructions for mailing official transcripts directly to the Office of Graduate Studies." Additionally, it says it again at the bottom: "Enter all college or university-level institutions listed in your CASPA or NCAS application. Please disregard the follow-up with instructions to upload transcripts, as this will be completed internally by the School of Nursing."
  7. I understand you may have a different opinion of the program and what was posted by your classmate, but naming him was completely unnecessary.
  8. Thank you so much answering our questions Kelsey!
  9. Have you received an interview invite? I have yet to receive any email from UCD ):