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  1. In case anyone comes across this in the future, here was my timeline: July 21 - applied for license August 2 - graduation August 6 - transcripts sent and received by Michigan August 15 - PANCE August 22 - PANCE scores posted September 20 noon - notified that the State lost my transcripts September 20 1300 - electronically submitted transcripts again September 20 1400 - license issued A classmate applied on July 1 and received their license on September 5, so right now they seem to be processing applications about 9 weeks after application. Hope thi
  2. Hello everyone, I want to share some online resources that I personally found useful during PA school. I didn't include Rosh/Osmosis/OnlineMedEd cause I feel like everyone is already aware of those. The vast majority of these are free and the ones that are not are usually very cheap. This list is obviously not inclusive of every resource available on the internet but it includes the things that I found most helpful. Unfortunately I don't have any apple/iphone suggestions as I do not use them. WINDOWS UTILITIES Flashpaste http://flashpaste.com/ Free trial, $20 This is a text e
  3. Business casual. It was an adjustment for us as the dress code was instituted by our new program director after the school year had started. The previous class had no dress code so most of the class was not prepared for a shift in wardrobe. We had a jeans day where people could pay a dollar into the class fund and wear casual clothes. The dress code was never really enforced by anyone, which was good because certain faculty would wear ratty jeans or scrubs.
  4. Hello, How long did it take you to be licensed after you submitted your application to the licensing agency? Their FAQ gives the usual noncommittal answer of "we will process your application as soon as possible and it will be processed in the order received." I'm just looking for some people's personal experiences. Thank you.
  5. Dream2PA, that's a big concern of mine. I really don't want to get into the politics of it, but the repeal of the ACA seems to be a very real possibility. It's frustrating because there doesn't seem to be any real outline of a replacement plan. If the ACA gets repealed before I start school, I guess I'll either try for Medicaid or an individual plan through my insurance agent and finance it with loans.
  6. Hi everyone, What are you doing for health insurance as a student? I am starting PA school this upcoming May and my university does not offer health insurance to their students. I am too old to go on a parent's insurance. Sorry if this was already answered somewhere. Thank you.
  7. From the CASPA FAQ: https://portal.caspaonline.org/caspaHelpPages/frequently-asked-questions/academic-history/coursework/ Advanced Placement Credits granted to you by a college or university for your performance on the College Board Advanced Placement Exam are considered “Advanced Placement.” If you have Advanced Placement credits, select “yes” and then check off each AP class to mark it as “Advanced Placement." Hope that helps.
  8. Yeah, check out xodo at xodo.com. They have apps for apple, windows and android.
  9. What operating system are you using? If you're on android then the app Xodo is a really great pdf viewer/editor. It has highlight (with different colors) and allows you to write on the page. You can also change the view colors so it's white text on black page for reading at night. It also allows you to fundamentally alter the document by deleting/adding/rearranging the pages. I do not know if there is an apple version.
  10. Clint called me yesterday to notify me that I got accepted. An e-mail with specifics followed. I'm filling out the forms right now to reserve my spot. Best of luck to everyone!
  11. Take the following with a grain of salt as this year is my first time applying to PA school and I have not yet been accepted. I have however worked as a paramedic for the past ten years. 1. I completely agree with rev ronin in that paramedic school would not help but working as a paramedic would. My understanding is that since PA school accepts such variable PCE and HCE that they treat everyone the same. A PA student that received PCE as a paramedic is taught the same as someone with CNA, RN, Corpsman, or scribe experience. Would work as a paramedic and paramedic school give you an advan
  12. My understanding is that there were a total of eight groups that interviewed. Three on 10/28, two on 10/29 and three on 11/4. I am also under the notion that there were no other interview dates. Best of luck to everyone that interviewed!
  13. I think it depends on the school. You can check their website and/or call the admissions committee. If they want the GRE, then you have to take it. If they allow either or neither test then there shouldn't be a problem. I would anticipate being asked about taking the MCAT during any interview though.
  14. I would agree with those that have already commented in that it depends entirely upon to which PA school you plan on applying. Most schools have their prereqs explicitly layed out and some even have listings of which classes count from local institutions. Central Michigan University has a whole page of which courses count from other Michigan colleges and universities. https://www.cmich.edu/colleges/CHP/hp_academics/physician_assistant/admissions/Pages/Course-Equivalencies.aspx You can always e-mail or call the admissions department of the programs you're interested in and ask them.
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