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  1. They will send you an email offering to add you to the Facebook group after you accept your seat and pay the deposit. Congrats on the acceptance and look forward to meeting all of you!
  2. I received an acceptance call from the director yesterday! But I declined because I have already accepted at another school. Hopefully that helps someone else get their call sooner! Best of luck everyone! (I interviewed Jan 9 btw).
  3. I was put on the waitlist back in November and paid the deposit because I did not have any other interviews lined up. Since I have been accepted elsewhere and really wish I could get that deposit back. I emailed them to see if they have any sort of rankings for the waitlist to get an idea if I would be accepted or not. They said they had not yet discussed a ranking. I asked how/when we could expect to hear from them if we weren't accepted and received this reply: "As the letter stated we may not know the final outcome of drawing from the waitlist until late summer. If we can't offer you a spot we will refund the money However, if you withdraw from the waitlist our policy is not to refund the money." I then asked if there were any exceptions made to be refunded the deposit for extenuating circumstances and received no reply. Now I am left hoping that I don't get accepted off the waitlist, but I can't withdraw or else I for sure lose my money. I am trying to think of a way of making them not want to accept me without actually withdrawing. Any ideas?
  4. Thank you all for your help with this decision! In the end I have decided UoP. Had to go with what my gut was telling me. It was tough because I really was impressed by MBKU, but UoP just feels like a better fit for me personally. Tiffanyd and knschaff, sounds like we might be future classmates! Can't wait to meet you :)
  5. I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into two programs and need some help making my decision! They are both relatively new CA programs. MBKU is on its fourth class and has 100% first year PANCE pass rate. Their program is very family/collaberative oriented. Great people, and great organization of curriculum. And they are currently remodeling a building for PA students' use. Downside is I do not care for the location (farther from family and the LA can be stressful for me), and they are predominately an optometry school. On the other hand, UoP just started the first year, no PANCE scores. But the staff is very distinguished and the school has proof of many other successful health care programs, you get some cadaver lab access, and the facilities are new and very high tech. Sacramento is also cheaper to live and closer to family. My main concern here is that the program is so new and still working out kinks. The class is also large (45) and I don't yet see that they promote as much of a family bond between students. Generally I feel that MBK is a slightly better program, but UoP has a better location. Any advice is definitely welcome! If you had to make a decision between schools, how did you do it?
  6. I was in Group F on the 21st also and got the acceptance call Wednesday morning! So excited!
  7. No specific day. I thought of asking, but wasn't sure.
  8. I am in the same anxiety filled boat with you all. I just got an email today from Leslie Lim that they will be sending out notifications this week for sure! We don't have long to wait at least! But this is definitely testing my patience.
  9. I will be there this Saturday too! (2nd group) Flying down tomorrow, see you all there!
  10. Just got an invite for an interview 1/26! I will be flying in from out of state. Any advice from people who have interviewed there?
  11. Has anyone heard back from the 11/18 interview group?? They said we would hear back in about a week but idk if this will be before or after Thanksgiving.
  12. Hi There! I will be at the 10/29 interview too! This is my first interview and first time to Ohio! (coming from coastal California) Any advice on the weather this time of year and what to prepare for???
  13. I also enjoyed reading your PS. It flows very well and hits all of the main points it needs to. You touched upon your grade discrepancies masterfully. I always get held up and picky on grammar/sentence structure, but you had very few errors. I would suggest changing one of the "being able to" in the third paragraph as the repetition is distracting. Also I would recommend finding a better fitting synonym for the word "swerves" in the final paragraph. It distracts from the point you are trying to make.
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