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  1. Undergrad Ed School: Cal State University Dominguez Hills Major: Applied Studies w/ minor in communication Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.50 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.10 Graduate Ed School: (if applicable) N/A Cumulative Graduate GPA: (if applicable) N/A Science Graduate GPA: (if applicable) N/A Age at application time : 39 GRE: Verbal: 142, Quant: 145, Analytical: 4.5 Direct Patient Care : Respiratory Therapist. 19 years experience. Over 25k hours of direct patient care experience Other activities: N/A PA Shadowing- 16 hours. Schools Applied: USC, Loma Linda, Cal Baptist, Marshall B. Ketchum, SCUHS, Western University, Charles Drew Application Mailed- 07/08/16. Verified 7/18/16 Schools Received Application Date: Interview Invites: Western U & Charles Drew Denied: Withdraw Application: Waitlisted: Accepted: Attending: Attempt: third year applying to all Western. Took me a long time to increase science GPA. Thanks again and remember to always keep a positive attitude. Don't expect a rejection letter. Keep a look out for your "Congratulations, you have been invited for an interview" email. Best Wishes
  2. Sorry, I received an interview invite today (9/10) for November 19th. My app was verified on 7/18/16. Drew sent me an email on 7/22/16 saying they received my app. Thank you
  3. Congratulations! I received an interview invite today for Charles Drew also. Will be interviewing 11/19. Good luck to you also.
  4. I also received an invite. My confirmed appointment is on Sept 28th at 9am.
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