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  1. Hi all! Has anyone been lucky enough to receive the NHSC and the FELS (forgivable educational loans for service) which is offered by states? If so, Since FELS has already reviewed and offered, they will likely be paying out in August. However, I believe I read NHSC will not be making decisions until September. Should you accept the NHSC scholarship, you will need to decline the FELS scholarship (due to contractual obligations). My question: are you able to repay the FELS loan back without penalty even after you have had it for a month or so?
  2. Hey! I can't use escrow, because I use US Bank and there isn't one even remotely close to me (moved from the midwest and never switched). What's your email? I will just Zelle it to you. There shouldn't be any additional fees. I'll send you the full $600.

  3. I go to Campbell and love it! Campbell is very willing to work with any student struggling (their current policy is even if you fail a block or need to leave for medical/family reasons, they will let you come back and do it again) and tends to have smaller class sizes with a 100% PANCE pass rate. Note, I'm also from the north where PA schools are massive, so maybe all NC PA schools have smaller class sizes? Also, 50% of Campbell students receive a scholarship, which obviously helps with tuition cost, and living down this way is extremely cheap. Best of luck on your choice!
  4. Hi Gabriel, Going to PA school was a career transition for me as well. With the way your grades have been with your pre-requisites I'd be very surprised if you didn't make it to a 3.2 GPA or higher. Applying for PA school is very difficult. It took me 3 rounds to get into a program. I was very far (in terms of what I thought a candidate should look like) from all the other candidates I met. I worked full-time as a PCA in undergrad, graduated with a 3.1, then went straight into the military - where I only spent 2 years after being medically discharged. At that time I began working in bone marrow transplants. I no longer had direct patient care, but gained valuable knowledge for the 5 years I worked for that company. During work, I began taking online classes (medical ethics, etc.) to boost my GPA, and purposely sought out schools that were known to accept older candidates when applying. During my 3rd round, I looked at schools outside of my state (which had 4 PA schools with over 2,500 applicants each) and I found a school that offered a dual degree - public health and PA. I applied and was offered a first round interview. During my interview I learned this particular school was looking for students willing to have the dual degree in order to be a better provider for rural areas as well as have a wider range of knowledge/skills (does not mean you need to stay within a rural area). It adds an additional year of schooling, however I am extremely glad I went that route. Public health has offered me way more learning opportunities than I would have ever had in a sole PA program. Per this school's stats, the students who complete both programs tend to score better in classes as well. Where I am going with this is maybe try considering the dual degree option. Only a select number of schools offer it, but I think it helped me get into PA school and little did I know it would be so beneficial. Don't give up. I know you will get in. Cheers!
  5. Have you looked into Health Departments? Sometimes PA's can work in Public Health and make suggestions about how to improve the region's overall health. Medical training is useful for this, should you no longer want to practice.
  6. Hello! You have both group and individual interviews. They are more to gauge your personality than your knowledge.
  7. Minnesota! What program did you apply for? I was accepted into the Dual after the 8/4 interviews. I currently live in Fridley, MN. If you want to chat about the interview process, let me know :-)
  8. Thanks! I'm sure you'll be just fine and hear on Monday if you haven't already!
  9. Anybody else interview yesterday for the dual MSPH/MPAP and be admitted? I received the call around 7 last night. Curious to find out my classmates! Best of luck to those interviewing later in August. I thought I butchered my single interview and was a little too quiet in the group interview, but was still admitted. It's important to be yourself and not try to dominate over everyone else. Make sure you speak about how you believe in the team mentality; no one is left behind. Past military personnel will understand this. Of course you want to do well, but being in medicine is not about your well-being. It's everyone else's.
  10. I was invited for an interview on August 5th as well. I submitted my application and supplemental application prior to the end of May. I am very excited, but also nervous! Hope everyone does well!
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