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  1. I was also wondering the same thing... I was accepted in October also and have had very little contact with Bonnie since..
  2. Received my rejection email last week. I did not interview. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Could you clarify your interview date? September 5th doesn't seem like the right date you meant to put...
  4. I also received my offer yesterday afternoon from Jennifer! However, I'll be deferring my spot for Butler in lieu of being accepted to another program closer to home, so I hope this opens up a spot for someone else! Good luck!
  5. Thanks, Siersmar! Look forward to meeting you this weekend! Do you have any suggestions for things to do around IND? I'll be there half-day tomorrow to explore the area and will also have the time after the interview is finished on Saturday.
  6. Yes! I got an Uber with no problem at all and still arrived early for the interview day. :)
  7. I was interviewed on 10/19 and received the acceptance phone call today! I am beyond excited to finally begin! Also looking forward to meeting the class!
  8. GRE: 150 verbal, 154 quant, 5.0 analytical Cumulative GPA: 3.89 Science GPA: 3.72 Patient-care ex: ~1050 hours (much more since time of application) Health-care ex: ~200 hours Shadowing: ~120 hours Volunteering: ~1500 hours
  9. Complete application with supplemental was completed and verified on 7/26/16.
  10. Received an interview invite today! Was offered for Nov. 19th, but had to move my date to Dec. 3rd due to some scheduling conflicts.
  11. I also received a rejection letter and interviews September 16th. I still have 3 other interviews lined up though. Good luck to everyone else!
  12. Received a rejection email from them today. Still lucky they even took a look at my application at all! Good luck to everyone invited for interviews!
  13. Just called admissions. They said my application has not been reviewed yet. I got the email that my application was forwarded on 8/22.
  14. Received a rejection email about a week ago. Good luck to everyone interviewing and congrats to those already accepted!
  15. Also invited for an interview for October 29th! Looking forward to meeting you all there!!!
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