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  1. @Glendah628 No I haven't heard anything at all. I emailed Dr. Tooley and he didn't respond so I will call up there tomorrow morning.
  2. I applied June 18th, and my CASPER exam was delivered June 25th...I have not heard anything, other than an email stating that my application has been received and is under review. I am a nervous wreck over here lol. It's already Oct 10th! So, Oct 25th is the absolute last interview batch? I have been trying my best to refrain from calling them, but I am definitely calling them now./
  3. @Urszula Thank so much for the encouragement! I won't lose hope lol, it's been a long time coming!! But I wish you all the best and I hope you get into your top choice as well!
  4. @mattesonkb You and I are in the same boat! Keep me updated if you here anything!!
  5. @apbotts Thanks for sharing this! Once again, congrats!!! I hope you get into your top choice and I send you my best wishes!! I hope to here something soon!
  6. @arcoaspiringPA Thanks for telling me that...I submitted my supplemental app June 26th. I have checked my junk email as well. nothing is in there. Lol! So, I'm still waiting.
  7. @arcoaspiringPA Great! Congrats on your recent graduation! Wishing you much success as well!
  8. @Cdowell22 ok great! I'm happy for you and that gives me hope because I submitted later lol! I'll be praying for you!!
  9. Congrats @Cdowell22 and @DaniellePowell!! Wishing you both a great interview and acceptance into the program! Do you guys mind telling me when you submitted your app? I am still waiting to hear back from them. I submitted June 18th. Thanks a lot. Best, Chan
  10. @emt12 Yes!! You stay encouraged and don't give up! UTHSC in Memphis emailed me and told me they couldn't further look at my application because my cumulative science GPA was a 2.97 and not a 3.0 (CASPA calculated). I retook 33 credits worth of pre-reqs and aced them all (so I'm technically well over a 3.0 if they replace my grades or re-average them like their website says)...you think they bothered to look at that? Nope. I became a bit discouraged but I quickly told myself it's not over yet. I'm not your traditional applicant with stellar grades but I think I still have a shot considering al
  11. @vargh043 Thanks alot! Hopefully I hear something soon. I applied June 14th, recieved my supplemental app June 18th, but I didn't submit the supplemental app until June 26th. I got the confirmation on June 27th. So we shall see. I will keep you updated, but like I said, if I do get an interview, you are more than welcome to ride with me. Best, Chan
  12. @vargh043 Hey! I haven't heard anything back from them yet, but if I get an interview for that date, you can definitely ride with me for free. I'll be driving there from Memphis, TN. So, I'm only like 1hr 52 mins away. If you don't mind telling me, what day did you submit your application and supplemental app? Thanks and congrats again!
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