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  1. I just looked at the 2015 Winthrop forum and they said that the program didn't start handing out interviews until October.... That's really late for a program that starts in January
  2. Yeah bayshore and Winthrop said they start throughout the application cycle. Has anyone hear back from any Touro programs?
  3. According to the email they sent me, they start formal reviews in September
  4. Same. This program isn't even in my top 5 so I'm not too bummed.
  5. In the email I got from PCOM after submitting my application, they said they start reviewing applications on a rolling basis starting in September
  6. I live in NYC so applied to all three New York locations.
  7. I was CASPA verified on 6/29. Kind of late. Did anyone hear back and get an interview invite yet?
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