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  1. Oh, the town I'm in is even smaller than that. Think very rural yet citified. My non-compete is for 30 miles for the specialty I'm in. They tried to say it was for all medical specialties, but it is not worded that way so even if they tried to enforce it I could just not do family medicine. I'm starting to think it's not for me anyway but that could just be the situation I'm in. I'm questioning being a PA altogether and I hope that it's just my situation and not how I really feel. For anonymity, I can't tell the whole story about the NP being "let go", but let's just say the provider had already put in her notice and had a specific obligation that they knew about that she had to miss work for. She missed work and they told her she was being terminated since she could not have a day off during her notice. Then it got turned around that she was abandoning her patients. I know it is possible that retribution may happen. I am just aiming to keep it professional and not personal (although messing with my license is VERY personal) and keep it to the facts in addition to covering my own butt. I had a verbal conversation about my comfort with locums and I told them I didn't know as I have never worked under them before, so now I"m just going to add that to the written list of reasons why I'm leaving. Everything I have is ironclad and I'm keeping EVERY thing. I'm a bit uncomfortable leaving without another job in place, but my husband and I can live on just his income for a little while. We'll still have a roof over our heads and food on the table. Plus, I'm still waiting to hear from the urgent care position and the people involved in my loan repayment are looking at positions for me as well. Either way they shake it, from the document I turned in, my contract is breached and I could walk away now with no notice, but I'm going to do the right thing.
  2. Hi all, just an update for you. They brought in a locum doctor who is 4 months out of residency to be our primary supervising physician. She is very nice and open to questions, but she will have a full schedule soon and not have as much time to mentor. I have gone up to two patients an hour and I pray for no-shows so I can stay on top of everything and have time to research and formulate plans for patients. I had the interview with the ER, and what they have available is part-time. I really need a full time job, but I am keeping it as an option for the moment. It could turn into full time during the time I am credentialed. One of my friends had a bad run-in with the company that staffs the ER (she wound up terminating her contract before she even started her job), so that makes me slightly hesitant. However, the scenarios in the two different ERs are not the same and everyone handles things differently. A little background on my loan agreement if I did not mention it in a prior post: I have to serve the area I work in for 5 years in order for my loans to be forgiven. It is not PSLF but a private grant. My loan agreement with the local hospital involves the VP of HR at the hospital along with the physician recruiter. I have contacted them and informed them of what is going on. They were concerned for me, and understand that I want to leave the job as soon as possible. I am so thankful that they understand that a new grad should not be in this situation. They are willing to give me a 60-90 day grace period to search for and get a job in the area, and even after that time period if I do not find anything, the loan will not default. Instead, we would meet to discuss other placement options before I have to pay the money back. They are also searching around the area for placement for me. I did have a conversation with someone who is high up in an urgent care chain where there is one in the town I am supposed to work in. The position involves an externship working with another seasoned provider for at least six months as a new grad, in which I am being paid full salary. It sounds wonderful. Unfortunately, the loan repayment deal has thrown a bit of a wrench in it, as he is unsure if it could take place in the town I am committed to. He is working with the scheduler to see if they can do that before he extends an official interview. I have my fingers crossed and am hoping and praying for this; the schedule would be better (for me) and the externship sounds like a dream for a new grad like me. I believe if there is a position available, chances are fairly good that I'll get an offer. The person I spoke with knows one of my classmates and her husband along with one of my PA school professors. In light of my conversation with the hospital, I have decided to go ahead and resign. I am going to wait a couple of days to see if I do hear back from the urgent care company for an interview, but if I do not, I'm going to turn in my notice well before my 60 days. I'm planning on giving them until November 1st as of right now, which will get me through two more pay periods and give them a decent amount of time. If things get worse in the next couple of days, I may shorten it. The last NP that was let go is apparently being sought after for abandoning her patients, although from what I have been told, the business doesn't have a leg to stand on with those charges. I have already decided to prepare letters for my patients to "discharge" them from my services to the other providers at the facility so they won't be able to say that about me. I'm making sure to dot my i's and cross my t's for everything, in addition to staying as professional and polite as possible. I'm just ready for this nightmare to be over.
  3. Thank you all for your responses! I think what I will do is see how this job interview goes. If the atmosphere is better, all of my questions are answered with good answers, and I have a general good vibe about the place and I get an offer, I’ll take it. Then I’ll figure out what to do about putting in an appropriate notice (although the manual says that no notice needs to be given in the first 60 days, but I’ll do it because it is the professional thing to do). If that doesn’t pan out I’ll look into making the introductory period longer while still looking for other options. They are aware of my concerns and I think they are aware that I am likely looking for other jobs now. I have not said one thing or another to admin about if I will be staying, but the document I gave them included a clause from my contract stating that if the terms of the contract were broken then it is considered terminated. There had to be a written notice given. The term in this case being that the employer will provide appropriate support personnel. My bases are completely covered. Now I just need something lined up so I have an exit strategy, and figure out what in the heck they want as far as a leaving notice. Edit: Also, I have been appropriate and professional in all of my dealings, and have gained a lot of respect from my co-workers for how I have handled this situation. It has been a nightmare but they have all been supportive.
  4. Hello all, I started a new job as a new grad three weeks ago. I was hired on several months ago. When I was interviewing I had a great feeling about the place. The doctor I was going to work with stated that he has worked with multiple mid-levels, PAs who were new grads, and would be there to help me all the way and that I would not be alone. Well, in my first week, I learned that he was leaving the facility to move away, and his last day is 9/20. The move is such that it has been planned for a while. It was not disclosed to me at all during the time I was waiting to start, and it has left a bad taste in my mouth. I also learned they wanted me to be under a doctor of another specialty than the one I was hired for, which in my state, technically will not work as it will limit me to what the new supervising doc does. I went to a PA rep on the medical board of my state (NC) and managed to get her on a conference call with people in admin, which got that situation straightened out. Unfortunately, although they are trying to find a new doc, they are scrambling to do it because the geographical area I am in is not desirable to live or work in. I was informed today that the doctor who is moving away will be mine and the other providers from literally across the country, and that locum docs in our specialty will start next week and be on site. I understand that they are working on fixing the situation, however I am scared to see what happens. I don’t feel like it is a safe environment for a new graduate, and if I had known what all was going on, I probably would have backed out. I have been seeing patients, and now that my SP has been changed back to the original doc I feel better as far as legal matters go, but he’s about to be gone. I’m honestly very uneasy. Some of this fear is coming from the uncertainty of what will happen, on top of being a new grad taking care of patients. I have a 2 month introductory period where the employer or I can terminate the working relationship no harm no foul per my employee manual. I’m trying to figure out what I need to do to protect myself and the patients, even if it means I leave. I have an interview next week and plan to see how it goes and if it is right for me, I want to accept it if I am offered a position. It would be in the ER and the onboarding process sounds promising with 3 months of orientation, where here I’m being pushed in kind of quickly and not really shadowing or seeing patients with anyone. I gave a written notice of my terms and needs to stay, which includes on site direct supervision for at least 6 months, and they are trying to fulfill that with the locum doctors but I still feel very hesitant. That makes me feel guilty about looking for another position. Am I right to want to leave? The other NPs keep telling me to run, classmates too, and my poor husband just wants me to be happy. I don’t know if I should give them a chance or jump ship if I have the opportunity. If anyone took the time to read this and/or has words of wisdom, it is greatly appreciated!
  5. I got called about 3:00 this afternoon! Can't wait to see you all next year! :)
  6. It sounds like to me that your application was forwarded to the faculty for them to look at, which is good because they are looking at your application! They sent me an email like that too. The admissions team looks to make sure you fulfill the requirements, then the faculty is given the application to see if they want to invite you for an interview. They have a ton of applicants this year so it's probably taking a while for them to sift through the applications. I was verified in late May and got an interview invitation in July for early August to give you an idea of my timeline. Hope you hear about an interview soon!
  7. I got a waitlist email a little while ago, but I am still going to hold out hope. It isn't over until it's over guys! Have faith; I'm sure we will all wind up where we are meant to be.
  8. Dream2PA, I got the same response. I still haven't heard anything back. My hopes are that they are interviewing and will potentially have seats open by the time they are done with all the interviews for people with this status. It isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I know that it isn't a definite answer right now. But we are still in the running, so that's a good thing! If you ever want to talk about it, you can PM me. Good luck and congrats to all that have been accepted!
  9. I interviewed 8/5 and heard back on 8/8. I think the dual degree interview people heard back on the same day and a few others, but I think most people heard back the same day I did. I know it's nerve wracking but you'll hear soon!
  10. Here is a webpage that has the tuition and other fees on it: http://www.campbell.edu/cphs/admissions/tuition-financial-aid/tuition/pa-program. I believe that estimated tuition number covers books and living expenses. The faculty were all kind and they were really happy to see us. You could tell they wanted to see all of us succeed. Buies Creek is a rural small town in the country, and it has a close family feel to it. It isn't too far away from Raleigh and Fayetteville though, if you want to go do stuff in the city. The facilities were great. The PA students are in the Tracy Smith Hall, which has just been completed from construction. This hall is where classes, OSCEs, and some SIM activities happen. It is also shared with PT and Nursing. The PA students also have access to the Leon Levine Hall, which is where the DO program is housed. That is where the anatomy lab and the rest of the SIM equipment is. All of the equipment is state of the art. It is a great school and program!
  11. I received an email that said they want to extend the review of my application. So I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens! Good luck to all.
  12. That's awesome! I know a girl from CU who found out they were admitted in the dual degree program yesterday too. I feel like I was a little too quiet in the group interview as well so that makes me feel a little better. :) Congrats!
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