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  1. Question here: I understand that state licensing may require CV and healthcare employment verification, however how often does a potential employer for a new graduate ask for W2 as proof of previous healthcare employment? Is this something done to select candidates or is this a common procedure for the onboarding process in every hospital? Thanks! MA
  2. Thank you both for the clarification. I figured it would be a reach to include their comments. Thanks again!
  3. Hello all, I am a recent grad and I am trying to decide how to create an impressive resume to win me an interview. I have plenty of volunteer EMS experience, and some paid. I would like to draw more attention to my clinical rotations and would like to put in comments from my preceptor evaluations on my performance i.e "MA will be an asset to any PA staff she joins upon graduation. She has a broad base of medical knowledge and is always wanting to learn more. She is professional and always prepared for any task given to her ." Also, should I list skills throughout every rotation? Or is this better for the CV? Thank you for your help.
  4. There were I believe 7-8 sessions in the portal for the first set of interviews, each with 30 seats. Last cycle, they interviewed 280 people according to their website.
  5. Congrats to those who have been accepted! If you don't mind, when was your application received by Touro Winthtrop?
  6. For the letters of reference, does everyone have at least one PA or MD?
  7. Would you mind sharing when your application was received by NYIT? Thanks & good luck on interview day!
  8. I haven't heard anything. Application received 8/13. Waiting game is serious.
  9. Did they start sending out rejections? I haven't heard anything.
  10. I submitted the middle of August and it was a little over a week before they gave me the confirmation. It may be slower now if they're receiving more applications.
  11. Thats awesome, thanks for sharing. I just submitted my application a few days ago. Whatever LIU's internal issues are, I'm sure they'll be dealt with by the time we are students =)
  12. I would try not to be... I can only speak for myself, but in this instance I feel like my anxiety is a little neurotic. We have no way of gauging how many seats will be left at any moment... but if there was a slot for 12/12, the admissions committee must feel like they will be accepting qualified people up until then. Lets all just cross our fingers!
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