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  1. So I decided to pull the trigger and apply to several jobs over the weekend. I posted recently about being in a bad work situation as a new graduate. I have been at my current job for 5 months. When I interview with the potential employers, I know it is okay to say that my other job wasn't a good fit. What do you do though if they push for more specific answers? Also, the jobs I applied for are in a different city an hour away. I applied to jobs there because I am currently in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend. He is originally from that city and took a new job there shortly after
  2. Trust me, $100,000 would be a significant raise from this place. It's a county hospital system, so I am paid FAR LESS than the average PA, but the benefits and hours are what make up for it. I would rather have to work some weekends and get a pay raise and be happier.
  3. All of this feedback has been fantastic! Thank you everyone! Someone really nailed it on the head in one of the previous posts: I am afraid my knowledge base is diminishing and I am not excelling to the point I need to be out of school. I feel much better knowing I can ask to not have my current employer contacted and that it is okay to say in an interview that the position was not a good fit. I have already found a few job openings I plan on applying for this weekend.
  4. There was a box on the application for "do not contact current employer." I just wasn't sure if that was a red flag of some sort to check the box. I think I will start applying and looking for other jobs this weekend. There's hopefully nothing to lose at this point. I do not have a binding contract at this institution, it was merely a letter of employment, which makes it easier for me to leave
  5. how do you go about looking for another job and interviewing without letting your current job know? I feel like they would call or contact my department for references, and I don't want them to find out i'm actively searching for another job at this point in time.
  6. I've posted on here before about issues with my job. Although I enjoy most of the patients and the majority of the staff, I don't think that this job is the right thing for me. I dread going into work almost every day. The problem is, I am a new graduate and I have only been in this position for 4 months (and it feels like the longest 4 months of my life). When I applied for this job, I was under the impression that I would be under the guidance of the physicians rather than under the guidance of the NPs. I was told that I would be trained for this job, especially because it is a very spec
  7. It's been like 3 weeks. Haven't gotten anywhere. The girls at the desk at hr have been fantastic but the woman I needed to contact has never gotten back to me after several attempts to contact her and messages left on her machine. A family friend of ours is the head of HR. I really wanted to leave her out of it but I contacted her this morning and I am meeting with her tomorrow morning. Hopefully she will help me resolve these issues.
  8. I really appreciate the feedback from everyone! Your input was just what I was going to do: be the best PA I can be, always be respectful, and kill them with kindness if anything else. I just feel that I am stuck. An update as of today is that the new schedule came out for the next 3 weeks. I have been placed on the later of the 3 possible shifts we could possibly have. Every. Single. Day. I did not consent to any of this, it just appeared. The one NP makes the schedule. I can't help but feel as if this is their way of making me "pay my dues" and exert some sort of power over me. I just f
  9. I recently posted on here about some work related issues regarding work day length and administrative duties. Just as I thought those issues were resolved, this happens. There was an issue the other day with the phones in the office not working properly. I'm back at my desk, one of the nurse practitioners in our group blasts through the door and starts yelling and asking why I didn't answer my phone, there was a patient here. I told her it didn't ring, and at first she didn't believe me until the other nurse practitioner agreed that the phones never rang. Angry nurse practitioner starts t
  10. How do you think I should explain this to the department without coming off as rude or being a "lazy millennial"? I have a meeting with HR this afternoon so I will see what they say!
  11. I am the only and first PA the department has ever had. It is virtually impossible for me to get a PA to be my supervisor. As for the MDs, each doctor only has 1 day a week in the clinic, so it is hard to have that continuity. The NP has been with the group for almost 10 years and is here every day, so that is why she was defaulted to be my day to day supervisor. The lead physician in the group is my supervising physician on paper.
  12. this is definitely one of my concerns. as a new PA, there are certain office procedures i feel comfortable doing, but there are certainly more than I don't feel comfortable with. I have expressed to the NPs that I would like them to grab me whenever they have procedural things so I can see how to do it. Unfortunately, this is a reality of working at a county medical hospital where all the nurses and support staff are out the door at exactly 4pm. it is expected that the NPs and maybe one senior nurse that stays behind for overtime rooms the patients and takes care of stuff for the doctor who is
  13. There are other PAs at this medical center but there is a catch: they are all outsourced by other companies. For example, the ER has PAs, but the medical center leases out their ER to a medical group that hires the PAs. I am the only PA that I have come across for now that is an actual employee of the hospital and therefore a state employee. We are grouped into a class with some doctors and administrators and other random positions.
  14. There are 2 days a week when we always seem to run over schedule. We usually get out at 530 as opposed to 4. all the nurses and other staff leave. it is just me, 2 NPs, and the doctor. for now we all stay and obviously finish seeing patients. difference is the NPs get overtime because they are union. I get nothing else additional but i am expected to stay.
  15. HR had me sign a "letter of employment" and this is basically my contract. It states that I would be hired with my stated starting salary pending passing my boards, drug test, and includes details on my benefits. it does not say what my hours are, however it states i must work 40 hours a week. the department's specific hours are 8am-4pm as per the booklet given out by HR. The NP is my supervisor because she is the most senior person that is there every day. each day of the week there is a different doctor. the one doctor is head of the department, but he is only there seeing patients in t
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