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  1. They just viewed my transcripts today....and I interviewed 10/19
  2. in the 11/9 interview they said they would tell us friday-tuesday last week so i think that means the same for me :/
  3. has anyone else heard?? i have not heard from my interview on the 24th
  4. would anyone mind PMing me? I have a few questions about the interview process and what you like best about the program!
  5. I'm from south Detroit, but interviewing in North Carolina tomorrow, so I won't be getting back into town until late tomorrow night. My interview is the 20th
  6. does anyone have last minute tips for the interview? best parking, time to arrive, curveball questions, etc? I am very excited for tomorrow!
  7. I have been to 3 interviews so far, I will be there Thursday! I would just bring a notebook and pen to write down notes or questions that you have for them
  8. I got denied from GV, but don't let it discourage you if you do! I have had 5 other interviews including 2 of the schools ranked top 10 in the nation so all schools just look for different things!
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