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  1. My mistake, 80 hours, edited the original post. Running low on sleep..
  2. Recently graduated, looking for some feedback on an offer i received from an urgent care clinic. Base: 47/hr 3 13hr shifts a week. No OT differential. I plan on working 4 shifts a week. 6 mo of training with another provider. Always have an on call provider as well. 401k 4% match vested after one year 80 hours PTO, 40 of which can roll over into the next year $1k/yr CME/licensing Malpractice with tail insurance provided Health insurance is decent Two year noncompete with any other urgent care or emergency medicine facility within 10 miles of any of the
  3. Received an interview invite today and will be declining it. Good luck everyone.
  4. Hey guys, i had previously put down a deposit on my seat at this school, i've since dropped it for another school. Hope one of you guys get my seat! Good luck!
  5. Interviewed on 9/22, got my acceptance email on 9/26 for the Atlantic City campus
  6. Just as a followup, i have decided to decline this offer. Hope someone else will have the opportunity to excel in this great program!
  7. Just a followup, interviewed on 9/22, got my acceptance email on 9/26 for the Atlantic City campus!
  8. Interviewed on 9/20, was very fortunate to receive an acceptance call on 9/23!
  9. Just received my interview invite for 9/22 for the NJ campus. Very excited!
  10. Got my call for an Oct 5 interview on 8/9. Who else is going to be there?
  11. Got my supplemental app email today, assuming that means an interview call will come soon. Good luck to everyone else on their interviews!
  12. I applied to both, they stated they would look at the application and if they deemed you fit for the program, then they would select the campus they thought is best for you and offer you an interview there. Good luck everyone!
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