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  1. Did people already receive interview invites for February? Just curious because I heard they will conduct their last interviews in Feb. Thank you!
  2. Did everyone get a deliberation email? I heard not everyone does because they send out rejections! But keeping fingers crossed - i think they will tell us this week
  3. Do you know if that is the last group of interview? Or there should be one more in February?
  4. Is too late to apply to Temple now? Also my GRE scores are weak, do people still get in with weak GRE scores for this school?
  5. Anyone know if interviews are still on-going and how many applicants do they select for their class? thank you! havent heard back since i applied in October, so just curious ! Thank you!
  6. Hi, I was wondering who will be attending the January 12th interview? Also, does have anyone know how many spots are left? I believe this the last interview slot! Thank you so much!
  7. Okay thank you! Yes, curious to know how many people got this email after Dec 5th interview?
  8. I interviewed December 5th and I received an email today morning that they are still in process of deliberating my application and will inform me the final decision at the end of December. Did anyone else get this? Thank you.
  9. Did anyone receive an acceptance from the 11/17 interview session?
  10. For those of you who have interviewed, how is the interview process like?
  11. I havent received a delay an application email. The last email I received was that my application is under review on 10/13
  12. Is December 5th the last interview date? I got a still under consideration email on 8/15 and havent heard back ever since =( I feel like i have no chance now...
  13. i have not heard back from the program ever since i submitted my supplemental fee and LOR in early july. Are interviews still going on? If so, how many groups of interviews are left? Thank you!
  14. I received still under consideration email 8/15 and still have not heard back! But, still hoping for good news if i get an interview!
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