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  1. Congrats! Did you get the credit check along with @RainOnNeptune ?
  2. @RainOnNeptune when you checked credit karma was it under the "hard inquiries" section?
  3. I also just got a call from Dr. Lohenry!! Is this real??? I am so excited!! Cant wait to meet the rest of the class!
  4. I have looked some up on google I just know that for some reason they dont all show up. So I was just wondering if anyone stayed at one near by that they recommend.
  5. So I have my interview on the 22nd and I'm trying to figure out which hotel to stay in. For those who have interviewed already what hotel was the closest to campus?
  6. I too received an interview invite for October 22!
  7. So I just got the email saying that I'm on the interview wait list. Has anyone gotten this email and received an interview yet?
  8. I also received and invite! I picked October 27th! Anyone else pick that day?
  9. Awesome! So earlier you posted that you were accepted. How long did they give you to decide to accept and send your deposit?
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