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  1. We had orientation July 6-7, then classes started July 11.
  2. We had orientation July 6-7, then classes started July 11.
  3. Also accepted and interested in a FB page for potentially finding a roommate!
  4. Not yet! Trying to be patient, but it's definitely good to know that I'm not the only one still waiting to hear!
  5. I also got my invite a week ago and haven't seen any additional information yet, so at least we're not alone!
  6. I am also interviewing September 23rd, but at 8am. I'll be driving down fro West Virginia, but staying with friends in Blacksburg, VA the night before. If you're looking for a coffee spot in the morning, I highly recommend Mill Mountain. It's even walking distance from JCHS!
  7. Submitted my CASPA end of May, just got invited for an interview :) Good luck to everyone else applying this cycle!
  8. Good luck to everyone applying this cycle!
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