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  1. I'm a med tech starting PA school in august. I worked in the lab for a full year (I felt that less than a year would look bad on my resume and I didn't want to burn any bridges) and then switched to per diem and worked another full year as a PCA to get ~2,100 PCE hours. By this point it was April so I applied to PA schools and went back to picking up a ton of med tech hours for the higher pay while I attended interviews/received acceptances. Now I am continuing to work in the lab as a per diem to save money until I start school. There's chronic shortages of staff in the med tech world (or at least in my hospital) so I can pick as much as I want, which is usually 32-40 hrs/week. I think PCE is extremely valuable to have as a PA applicant. You could do something similar to what I did, or do a 50/50 lab/PCE part time job split. Good luck in your pursuit!
  2. I would do PA considering you have <1 year of RN experience. From what I've heard the NP route is best for RNs with several years of experience, and some RN>NP students with little/no bedside experience report feeling very unprepared as new grad practitioners. Alternatively... considering going ICU x2 years and going for CRNA
  3. Missed a call this morning and got a second one this evening- accepted
  4. I think Duke is a great program and I felt so welcomed by their faculty and students, I definitely look forward to networking and working alongside Duke grads in my future career! I was so grateful to be offered the opportunity to join. I just feel that something else is a better fit for me. I chose a different reputable program that has unique opportunities that really suit my interests, logistically makes more sense for me, and I felt that I meshed with "vibe"/culture the best. It's all about what's best for you. You can private message me if you want to know more details
  5. Accepted on 10/29- will be declining for a school that's a better fit for me, hope this opens up a spot for one of you!
  6. I kept mine turned off in the bottom of my bag- they’re not going to search you they just don’t want your phone in use
  7. There's a thread for UNE: https://www.physicianassistantforum.com/topic/50854-2019-2020-une-application-cycle/
  8. black pants + jacket with a neutral blouse. When in doubt, do a classic suit with subtle accents
  9. Just got an interview invite yesterday but will have to decline, hopefully someone else can take my spot! Best of luck to you all!
  10. lnicolem


    Typically you want a 1 page resume (unless you have published research)
  11. I was accepted this morning 7/25 for MPH/PA! Interviewed on 7/19
  12. I applied to the duel degree and have an interview on the 19th
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