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  1. There's a thread for UNE: https://www.physicianassistantforum.com/topic/50854-2019-2020-une-application-cycle/
  2. black pants + jacket with a neutral blouse. When in doubt, do a classic suit with subtle accents
  3. Great- accepted already and still interviewing! Invites from almost every school I applied to that has sent them out by now. Ended up with >2,100 PCE from overtime
  4. Just got an interview invite yesterday but will have to decline, hopefully someone else can take my spot! Best of luck to you all!
  5. lnicolem


    Typically you want a 1 page resume (unless you have published research)
  6. Way back on June 4th I got the email that they received everything
  7. Just got the supplemental invite today, sharing to give others some hope! Congrats to all who are already accepted!!
  8. Hi all, I was recently accepted to PA school and had a lot of feedback that my PS was strong. I'm willing to review statements, DM for me for more info
  9. Hey all, I ended up accepting admission at a different program which is my top choice but I really enjoyed meeting the other pre-PAs at my USJ interview; best of luck to all of you
  10. I was accepted this morning 7/25 for MPH/PA! Interviewed on 7/19
  11. I applied to the duel degree and have an interview on the 19th
  12. Invited to take CASPer on 6/18. I will be taking the test on 7/7.
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